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Everyone welcome into another addition of the pod today with Tom. Chiodo former head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves stay with us. Tom Izzo the former head coach of the Chicago. Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves the eleventh all time winningest coach by percentage an NBA history about fifty nine percent. Three fifty two to forty six eight seasons and writing out the pandemic in his native Central Connecticut. Tips how are you? I'm doing great for me me. Well it's absolutely absolutely you are. You've got a place Connecticut. I know your mom still lives there? Some your family still lives there. You grew up there with your parents your dad. Of course Tom Senior. Who is a like like myself? A Saint Bonaventure Guy. Sign other was always. Lana always a little bit of bodies gear in the Typical House Moquegua now new Britain. I imagine you did not play much pickup basketball with Paul Manafort in his day. One one of the more recently famous new Britain natives But my one of my favorite basketball players from childhood down the road in Bristol and he was older than me but I really remember him more from Ucla. Rocket Rod Foster there had to a given your stature as a player in new Britain. I know you're a couple years older than rod foster kids. There had to be some some pickup ball. He went to Saint. Thomas a quietness. You went to new Britain high. But you had to cross paths a Rod Foster on the court somewhere. He came onto the scene. Just like is nicknamed the rocket and. I think he was either a freshman or sophomore when I was finishing up in an everyone heard about him in. I never seen anyone that fast in my whole live in it was amazing. And he's he's a great guy in obviously had a great career unfortunately injury cut its shore of but he was a terrific player in Saint Thomas Planners which is no longer in existence Lamar Odom actually spent a year there as well as yes he did. That was a long story. Yeah Jerry Di `Gorio was his guy. Jerry brought him Jerry. It's funny the first beat I ever covered. Now we're getting into Connecticut High School Junior College. I beat I ever covered for the Waterbury. Republican American was mad at Community College in Waterbury Jerry. Gloria was the coach. They went like thirty three and one jerry went on to become the head coach of Uri. And then he was an assistant with the clippers warriors and he was the Marlins guy so he got the job at acquaintance. And then Gary Charles and Sunny I of Gary Charles sent them up. He was there and he kind of went is a package to you are I. Would Jim Herrick with them? And Jerry Comes from a great family in New Britain and so I've known him a long time and then of course. The coin has had a great basketball history. Unfortunately the the school did close. And you had mentioned Paul Manafort earlier. When I was growing up his dad was the mayor in.

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