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I'm joined in the studio by monocle twenty four Stephanie Kony's, and she has a selection of papers from grace from here in the UK. What you want to start deafening? The guardian as you know, it's International Women's Day today. So there's a very nice photo on from patriot. The guardian from a March student March actually in Milan, and there's a really nice two page spread inside as well with various protests and rallies marking the day across the world. But there's actually not that much coverage. You know, as as I would've expected I mean, there's also the it's mainly here in the UK the the other papers that I've selected I'll get to in a bit. Haven't haven't really marked at least on the on the front pages as much, but the Daily Telegraph is well has a piece on how banks need to to come clean and be more transparent about the gender pay gap. So so that's also quite an interesting piece if anyone wants to read more into it, but I'll get straight to the New York Times now on the front page. A piece about the latest A Bola outbreak in the DRC the Democratic Republic of Congo quite striking image of of people wearing. Active clothes, a funeral disinfecting a room from a person believed to have died of Birla. And you know, this this latest outbreak has lasted seven months now. And it's supposed to be the second largest ever. And this piece is quite interesting that the headline is a grim battle against panic distrust and a bolo so it's talking about how people don't really understand the bowler. But also that that quite cynical of something we've heard of before the organizations that are trying to help them because they just they just don't understand perhaps the nuances of you know, the society things likely the rituals surrounding death and burial so people as a result on getting tested. They aren't really, you know, they're avoiding treatment. So that you know, that that's a big issue politically speaking on the front page New York Times as you'd expect Paul Manafort the. Are we talking about ten of the coverage because we mentioned in a headlines? Of course, he's been given this jail sentence home. What's the verdict from the paper, you know? So everyone sort of saying that this is very light punishment manner forgiven less than four years faced long-term, so. He the, you know, he was meant to be given ninety could have been given one thousand nine hundred thousand four year prison sentence under the sentencing guidelines, and what legal experts saying in court and miss pieces, but what he was given actually amounts to one fifth of the lightest punishment than that he could have been given. But it's interesting what it says his that as we know half a dozen of the former Trump associates that have been prosecuted, Paul Manafort who as Trump's former presidential campaign chairman actually was given the harshest punishment out of all of the art of all of those. So that is something to note, it is and I wonder whether it's part of a big game or or along the game in terms of prosecutions that may or may not be forthcoming. So we should we should wait and say time, certainly for one more. Definitely. Yeah. So the Boston Globe. Of course, again, another headline on Manafort facing facing possible. Twenty four years in jail manifold gets less than four. But also really interesting piece on the front cover about Brooke brookline's, Parcham, not Brooklyn Brooklyn, which is in the greater Boston area. Nice local story about the first shop in Boston that selling recreational cannabis so paranoid, quite a big deal in what it's saying here is that although they were open to giving up medical prescriptions. Now, they're open to more general, you know, the retail market the larger market, and they're quite worried apparently in this neighborhood of crowd control and of the streets getting busy because it's it's the closest shop to central Boston. That's that actually sells recreate this was quite smart. And as there's a famous old story country club. I think they're so you can imagine the kind of neighborhood house where it's not the kind of clientele and necessarily maybe. Maybe. Do you wanna throw a quick a headline leading headline from the Greek newspapers today definite? Yeah..

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