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Listen interesting comment. What if in more of a hammer station. Much more present way. I feel much more. open open hearted. It's almost a futile attempt to dissect these three larger segments of the wheel from each other. Obviously we're all we all. We are all body mind and spirit and so you know. It's it's a little bit ridiculous to say you know who the missed we. We understand now the mystery of. It's kind of like what. I was asking the question earlier about. Where does emotion lie in all of this well part of it is lies in the mind but also look at spoke fourteen and it says saver spirit lifting hobbies while lifting my spirit definitely an emotional thing to me but it's also much more than that so it ties into that component wise. So what's spirit lift. You have spirit lifting. Oh gosh let's see here I mean that's a good question Let's see here. Well you know i. It's probably it's something geeky probably like It's movies in its in. Its you know superhero stuff with my kids. Probably i think i think that the geeking out on that because i always used to love it myself and now i get with with the kids is is great. That's amazing so what's really about that. That really jives with a lot of senior executives said. I interviewed for the book and just beyond the book. Is the key if your if your listeners was seen in they go wrong kind of have a sinking feeling when they when they hear that question like what is my spirit lifting hobby the first place to go which you did just absolutely naturally is what did i love as a kid and usually the answer lies there. I was interviewing someone and they said. Oh gosh you know. He is to loved to dansk. And i said why. Don't you do it anymore. And they set allah time. And i said well. Would you do me a favor. And they said sure you know we're having interview and they were suffering from an autoimmune disease now and i said you know reading some hints here you know. Let's let's re grew. I said in the next couple of days. Would you mind sunday for a dance class. So they did they call me back three days later..

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