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Okay. Do you buy that is going to look the baseball thing? Right. I mean like Josh hater Ryan in like three other guys the dodgers lit up the other. So this once that got out there in baseball, probably T executives and all of the other sports were like, all right? Those levels for this. So you'd think it depends on the talent. The that's always the first level of this is level. So this the first level Zion had a tweet when he was in sixth grade, it probably wouldn't present prevents him for being the number one. Exactly. Right. But but to me also that the highlights brother when were you tweeden these things between these things as thirteen fourteen year old? It means it's something that we have to address just something that we've got to get out ahead of. Yeah. So I'm not taking off my list. But I have to be armored that knowledge that we're not blindsided. When the pig is announced. And then the next thing is right. Well, like the Laremy Tunsil situation with the kid, you know, he had the picture with the Banga different. That's that was a week before the draft. And it was the night of the draft different. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about like the hater thing, right? The milwaukee. I'm going to draft this guy right in this in NFL draft. And we know when he was fourteen he had a derogatory language about women gays, or whatever you're fourteen a lot of us are jerks were fourteen or whatever I'm not going to hold you accountable. Twenty two some of the fourteen, but I need to know that when I do take you. We're going to get ready because this is what happens now everyone who gets dry. Anyone who has a moment in the spotlight? If we haven't heard of you before the first thing Twitter, does is do the exhaustive search of everything you've ever tweeted right with all the keywords..

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