White House, Donald Trump, Steve Goldstein discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Net seven ten w o r i heart radio station there has been another firing this time at the state department we ought to know better by we just ought to know better this is a great illustration of how every one of us can get swept up and believe cockup the white house has fired an aide at the state department who contradicted the white house account of trump's firing of tillerson the ap first reported the firing of steve goldstein at the state department he's under secretary of state is assistant the firing was reportedly prompted by a statement from goldstein today responding to tillerson's firing goldstein said that tillerson didn't speak with trump before his firing and is unaware the reason behind his dismissal the statement suggests that tillerson found out about his firing from twitter voltaire said that tillerson had every intention of staying before his firing but goldstein's account differed from the one a white house official told the hill in the white house version white house chief of staff john kelly told tillerson on friday that trump would fire him trump said today he made the decision to oust tillerson on his own and tillerson would be much happier now so apparently john kelly told tillerson hey soon you're gone you're going to be gone it was not blindsided he was told in advance that didn't even remember over the weekend that tillerson and cancel some kind of a meeting somewhere because he had become ill it was an africa.

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