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Napa again for you i woke up mad got some soul we should listen to this show nice job curtis bryce plan to okay so we're talking about wealth management alpha what is that well how much access return are you getting of from your advisor and there are tangible return numbers and we've seen were vanguard has actually put it at about three to four percent three percent net afiz they assumed that the adviser would charge a onepercent fee they came up with four percent so you subtract the one from the four the net to the client over long terms about three percent now maybe it's too maybe it's fido know what it is but it's something if you have the right financial planner and i believe it's better if you have a team of a sort of this interest did parties in other words i don't want bill lawyer getting a kick back from the insurance person or this epa you know getting license to sell securities i'm not saying it's bad or good i just think it's it's not objective it's not as objective but that's me i'm sure there are objective firms that that do it properly but i think it's right with all kinds of potential problem which is why in in a couple of times we have actually broaden clients plant arab advisers attorney in that sort of thing and it helps because they know i watch these guys learn a lot from you uh yes they do like the fellow tom that uh you're working with who uh eventually did see it our when i have watched the face of a cpa in a room with you and just drop job drop because they were still okay enough of this but i'm not i'm simply star let's get into morningstar don't do that thank you vanguard did their study morningstar did an interesting one that focused on additional income vanguard study dealt with rate of return morningstar's gamma they called it david blanchett and paul kaplan over at morningstar did a similar study about the value of good decision making and in a in a study titled alpha beta and now gamma fascinating stuff here's what they had to say lynn and your comments please the first piece total wealth asset allocation then dynamic withdrawal strategy third annuity allocation for tax efficiency through asset location and five liability relative optimization which by the.

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