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I believe than ten to fifteen million dollars a year for their meteorites substantially below. Sec sixty million the big ten fifty to sixty million and the acc thirty million again. They're not gonna be a player. let them die. Which brings me to my second point. Acc commissioner jim phillips blind to the obvious listen up. The acc is not better than the big twelve by much. You have one good football team in that conference and nothing else. The acc has fifteen teams and notre dame doesn't want anything to do with you. What kind of a conference would continue to remain with fifteen teams. Well hoping and praying that the irish change their minds and have a change of heart. It's not gonna happen. Move on already. You have an obvious choice in front of you. Commissioner you need to add. Ucf university of central florida ucf. Yes and you should consider cincinnati to ucf in my backyard in orlando. Florida has seventy thousand students on campus. The second largest university in the united states their football program. It's been solid for a while. Now it's going to get even better under gus. Malzahn orlando is the seventeenth largest tv market in this country. There's no professional sports team here to compete with them. Either in cincinnati would be helpful to the acc as well because they're better than majority of those teams in the acc. We are short on time. I want to compliment. You never heard a caller door show go on for six minutes without a breath in without an offer or a missed punctuation mark. I mean that that was absolutely brilliant. i i was impressed I'd love to be able to talk like that. Blame is up. Next in louisiana blaine up louisiana saul in To talk to powell really likely show very with it The question i have for you is. I'm married a I'm married lady for alabama right. Or she's all crimson sad and I'm all lsu die hard lsu we have split household my question is do you would your what would be your fortunate If you had to have had a force you to to say what he thinks in the future for lsu compliment you. I married the same thing I'm wasn't an hour. She fan but Yeah i'm glad to see you guys getting along. How long have you been married. Get along when the game comes on his going another room. Paul a bedroom. I'm not we can't watch a game together so to years ago. A two thousand nineteen we were able to watch it together because The simple reason is out. We know we won the national championship. Pick year so labeled the glow traumatic year. You know so. So blaming. I i take it that you are a better loser than she is now. No i wouldn't say that we are to a beautiful woman are not that was a compliment toward her though. Yeah yeah right. He's close to dothan alabama where huge doses die hard alabama. How did you handle that alabama loss. A couple of years ago she ended veteran idea is then if the time is what allows really. I would think blame by now. Yeah you'd be used to use losing the alabama found them for years. I mean lose it alabama every year except one. Don't they really. It is city that he would you know we always help them. You know the tag saying. We're always hopeful. But what are you for. Nick you know really on what you think gonna happen. Rpm make one Boy i i think. Lsu's in a really prickly spot here. And i think the mississippi state game is going to be extremely important to get a win. Because if he if the tigers can't win they're I i have a feeling the season could get away from them. But you take care of yourself all the best year. Alabama dawson born wife and we are heading to the break. More of your phone calls right around the corner. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast on..

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