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I thought buffalo considering their buffalo. Be a little bit more humble in. No they are wow arrogant. I was surprised nonetheless. We're going to break this down with some players to watch. We're going to talk about the steelers. I and we're going to break it down offense and defense order. You don't have to have any number just players that you are looking at. And saying i want that they need a need to have a big game or keep an eye on this player. They could be. They could be a deciding factor in the outcome of the game. So in this upcoming matchup steelers bills week one on the road or parking york. Let's go offense. I will start with brian. Gimme a player that you are this guy. A linchpin needs to play. Well he got well. I'm gonna go right off the bat and say that we have to see a great performance from naci harrison this game because he is the guy that's going to change this offense if anything happens look we need all eleven. Sure but nagae. It's the running game has got to be upgraded. And it's gotta to be at superstar level. So i expect a rookie of his caliber to come up in this first game and actually do very well all right now harris. It's a good one. I like david. Obey you offensive player okay. Well there's there's several along this line of thought that i could go with. But i will pick one specifically because it's will be the center of that and i'm going to go with kendra green. Because he's he likes my line of thought that ryan center bad boy. Yes so so. I'm going with cancer. Green because it starts in the middle of moves out on both sides if the middle is weak. It's going to be kind of tough. You know you can disguise one side by going the other way when it's right in the middle it's going to be tough. But he's a rookie. He's coming in his first game. And i know that you've got damn junior out there on the on the left tackle as well. But i'm going more with green just because dip because i had to pick one so i if he could come out and be and do an adequate job in pass defense because that's where he struggled with so far the most and dealing with a bul russian someone i mean. He's undersized compared to the guys that are lining up across from him in a lot of cases. Although i haven't checked the bills roster to know if that's the case or not but if but if he can explode on the run place and hold his own in the past place that's going to really help us offensive line come together at for the steelers offense to do with what to do. Yes it for me and offense. I i always say i think it's especially in this contest it in ends of bt are benjamin todd rothlisberger. He's going to have to have a good game but more specifically something. Brian alluded to earlier in the show. That is don't turn it over. We can have that. Absolute backbreaking critical interception. You think back to last season. It was the pick six right before halftime. There was a completely different game before and after that pick rothlisberger doesn't the hope is. Both dave and brian lead to their players or positions. Doing enough that you can have more of a balanced approach. But benjamin todd rothlisberger ben rothlisberger for those. That might be new to the show That's his full name by the way He's going to have to play well. He's going to have to have an efficient game. I would love for him to be. I dunno around thirty attempts. That's it not having to throw the ball forty times forty five fifty times anything like that. Is there anyone else on offense. O'brien that you're saying key on this player this some somebody might wanna watch. Yeah i think you wanna take a good look at eric hebron in this game. That was what i was gonna say to. That's a good one bad. He is definitely a guy that they were going ben as a reporter with them. I know seven drops last year. But in your minds he had seventy seven. Because that's what the fans think about. Eric brown eric. Hebron david in the vertex..

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