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I feel like I mean, he has put up, especially when Calvin Johnson was there, but he has put up very good individual stats at times with not the greatest talent around him. Um, really, not much of a running game to speak of most often in Detroit, um, fairly mediocre head coaches, Um, defenses blowing fourth quarter leads. You know how many more wins would he have had if they were a better defense, better football team, So that's why I mean, I always looked at him and felt that's a really good quarterback in a bad position. Maybe maybe that's your ankle analogy, by the way, really talented player outside of Buffalo. Um, you know, I'm sure NHL fans look at I could go out. He's really good, too. But he's on a bad hockey team. I think that was Stafford's M O for Detroit and with the right coach with a really good defense. With good weapons on offense. I mean, they could win that division. I think that division is going to be a hell of a race this year. I'm and I'm not. I'm not positive. It'll go great for him. Yeah, you know, I mean, he's not always Ben. Great. It's not like I just think that there's a number one overall pick. There's lots to like about his game. He's obviously got a, you know, big arm and In an offense like Sean McVeigh's. I mean, there's almost like Have a little bit of like I do for Kyle Shanahan. Brian table might get this on his next job. You know, you run a really successful offense. You get your pick of the literate quarterback and you tell me you like that guy. All right? I want to see what that what that looks like, right? You're expecting big things? Sure. Yeah. So for Shanahan to finally get he gets tray lands like, okay, I think I want to see everything I can from Trey lands because you run good offense as you do with most quarterbacks. You said. That's your guy McVeigh mean they re signed golf, which was not a slam dunk at the time. I don't think and McVeigh here's McVeigh who runs this offense and has had success with golf saying, Like, Yeah, this guy is not good enough. I need that guy instead. Okay, you have my attention, you know? Did you? So did you give you didn't give your number one? Then it wasn't the guy I want to talk about. Was Stafford. It was Stafford. I thought you said he was lower. He wasn't on number one on your life didn't have a full ranking is just oh, the guy that I was hoping no matter who you talked about. I was going to talk about Stafford. So I think he's a good answer there. Dave texted and Jamis Winston, I think is another good answer for really good answer. Actually, I like that one a lot. Yeah, I got I got a couple others. I don't know if you have anything next and it's actually 802. So we should probably get to break got a couple of zona throughout it. You ate all three old 5 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 w g. R. Sabres coach.

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