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And the coaching staff sided that when they made the change to AJ swan, that and better third downplay, unlocking the passing game in third downs, knowing that you're going to be, if you're third and 5 plus, you can't make a living trying to run the football. Not that Mike Wright can't throw it, but wasn't as refined as a passer. But then you never, it never felt as if they were capitalizing on what they thought they were getting in the passing game from swan in that element where you're sustaining drives. And then Mike Wright, I don't I'm hard pressed to think how does Vanderbilt win that game without Mike Wright's playmaking ability and specifically as a runner, but from the quarterback position. So ugly play late could have lost the game for him. But the kids at playmaker and it does seem to me like he would be the guy that that would be the horse you ride the rest of the season because he was able to get you your first conference victory. That's a validating that's got to be internally a validating victory for coach Lee as invested as he is and you see the guy. He was emotional after the game. You could tell it meant a lot to him. But you have to imagine what it would mean to those to the kids. The players in the locker room. It's been a long walk in the desert for those guys. And I think Mike Wright was clearly a key component to that victory. No doubt. Plenty more. We're down to the final two weeks, but we covered a lot of ground. We haven't covered much lately. So yeah, I think we hit them all. I mean, there's bound to be other teams out there. You know, Missouri is playing a game this week and we didn't talk about them. That's only out of respect. They're still going to take the field, whether we talk about them or not. They'll still be out there. I mean, they look like a team and they're just so close, but at some point you have to win. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sniffing it, just being in and around isn't quite enough. I mean, losing tight games may be enough for the administration, but fans want to see wins. Yeah, they do. Fans are fans of greedy that way. They really are. I will say that Brady cook, and even in that game versus Tennessee, where I didn't, it didn't seem as if he was quite the runner, that he's proven to be really ever since that South Carolina game where you're like, man, this guy, he's more multi dimensional as a player than I thought, but it's been a tough season for the mizu tigers for sure. Matt, thank you. Always great to see you. Thanks for having me on, Paul. We still have fun in Colombia, man. Always. Yeah. It's a great town. Sneaky good town. I've got a good, I've got a really front row seat on the Shane train. Oh, do you? I'm all over

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