Pacers, Nuggets, George discussed on The Starters - Free Agency Drop - Friday, July 1


You're the pay not not not your 2018 but he is involved in the trade the pacers apparently didn't want anything to do with love the yeah they weren't interested in but the nuggets with crazy crazy man moving on here and anything else with me we let the yellow from the thunder side of things scrape our next it is pretty hitting no it is i mean like even though it is a big risk could it because the because not only could george leaf it westbrook could as well but why not at least have these guys on your control for one year in hope you can convince and let's say pull george like now guelleh told you guys the whole longo's basically going he leaves i don't even think it's still bad because the obviously it soured on all the people to some extent maybe after signing amendment and seeing is development and seeing how he was in playoffs and stuff like that and they're like that's a pretty big contracts should it's like it's a salary dumping and you're getting the best player whose available really in paulgeorge and like you're saying if the if paulgeorge leaves if he convinces westport to come with them to the lakers spends a year planning a little much fun this is we could go to a place where people watch us win championships were jacknicholson is sitting on the sidelines of all that happens they still got their pex their team is terrible they got stevenadams under contract he'd be able to be traded and a scanner are probably opt out they have nobody on their team than they're back where they started their draft and really high again and they're probably picking good players the next thing you know it's the new oklahomacity thunder on this one is with the thunder is it's not a free agent destination so you have to acquire plays while either through the draft all through trades like this andi mean if you're a thunder fend you still not able to think they can beat the warriors yet but at least a chance lee said they've got a chance to do better than they did last year ifpaulgeorge doesn't come they like well we're going to be khanna the same lottery middle of the road team but not not go anywhere near the goepelgeorgia like maybe can get someone else's well who knows.

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