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That makes me nervous so he wants to stay west obviously not with the curbs nami like ember that about that's as far easa's you'll go yeah but he wants to be in york where he could bat and he can pitch in battering same time will have to be an american league or the angels yeah you over this west coast s west kotra's west coast so you add that into the mix and take out the dea you think he knows where to locate and the rangers are also in the american league but the angels you know the he said the range rangers or has he ever their ages as just you know they diseases doing who favour just visit would i dunno huge asian party you darvish was there for a long time herb a huge asiaamerica population over serve you figured about how he's going to live in terms of away from the field seattle definitely has wants a seattle seattle lla in st george's county yeah uh bay area the bay area that sorted out chicago chicago chicago white articles knock that no start their problem not sure what that's about us it's it's budget because they're really good i was gonna say i think that she was a baseball yeah thing and then houston yeah maybe he has an affinity for theo epstein for who does it but he's certainly showed as iraqis and that would be as a bit of a surprise considering it the yankees is one of the alltime great franchises if not the greatest franchise in baseball history uh he decided no not going to do it i want to be out west somewhere or at least in the national league now the bad news for the dodgers is this is that the giants at cardinals have already laid the framework for a trade for giancarlo stanton and the dodgers you're still sleeping can asleep maybe amen.

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