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But I think maybe this year in the horse of the year argument. We'll talk about that at the back half a little bit of that can come up with some people and understandably so with this division. What what I saw from newspaper of record plus the accomplishments. I just I felt compelled to vote for her as oppose to jaywalk and it's not a knock whatsoever. It's not meant to be disrespect to jaywalk at all. I think she is a class Philly that who knows she can go on. She can win the Kentucky oaks she can win the distaff next year. She go in breeders cups for years to come. She might. I've no I it's not a question about her talent. I just looked at this and thought I would I saw from newspaper of record in three lifetime starts. She's never won by less than six lengths in any. One of three lifetime starts in her crowning achievement. To date was beneath the twin spires down Churchill Downs in the Breeder's Cup juvenile fillies turf. Here's the stretcher on lyrics on the call. Rod Ortiz junior has not even moved them until they're into the stretch with newspaper of record outset down. And she it's PLO what power once again, what furlong Togo and that it's done a region. The inside followed by concrete rose. They're coming down to the sixteenth pole and its newspaper of record stop up recipes. This is one fabulous fabulous Philly. Oh, she wanted by seven lakes is east gut. Second late. I just thought that was just visually spectacular. And I have a hard time. This is a very difficult one for me to decipher and I think jaywalks going to win. And I think it's going to be a relatively comfortable victory from being honest. But there's a part of me that thinks the newspaper record could potentially be a special kind of horse. And I just I wouldn't have been comfortable with myself had I had the sort of horse of the year vote from years ago, come back in rear its ugly head here for me internally saying if I think newspaper record is a more talented horse and the compliments are right there. I kind of feel like I have to go with her over Jay walk again. No disrespect to the folks connected with Jay walk. I think she's going to probably win and she's deserving winter. I personally think newspaper record is the two year old villi champion three-year-old nails this one if it's not unanimous. Then I don't know what we're doing here, and what the award voters are looking at looked as triple crown winner. And for the three year olds that is the end all be all for most folks in racing. Triple crown period is the end all be all justify should be an absolute slam dunk. He should be unanimous here for three year old champion. Let's go back and relive what many people would say is the crowning achievement. I would even say it's the crowning achievement of the entire year the individual accomplishment the crowning achievement justify winning the Belmont Stakes and winning the triple crown. Copy cut the corner. It's just. To bill. Grand scheme that Hooker to win them down a row store, but sixty to justify its they're justify from ski. He's just..

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