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Days. But officials are asking people to be patient while roads remain closed. They say it's not safe to return as crews continue to fight the fire, remove hazards and search for survivors and the remains of the deceased while they wait me like many have gotten over the first phase of shock. I think by day five here, the adrenaline is worn off, and it's just a deep sadness and depression. Even if she's ready to start planning for her life after the fire. She's resigned for the moment to be patient for the California report, I'm Daniel Vinton and Chico. Well here in southern California just down the road from where I'm sitting thorny say the Wolsey fire killed two more people bringing the total to four you can find complete fire coverage from around the state at cow report dot org. But there has been a lot of other news the past few days, and we're going to focus on some of it now, including this from the border US military in immigration officials have laid out their plans to harden, the California border with more US troops. In fact, one of the more surreal moments for commuters. They can see humvees driving down the freeway along the US border. This is the head of the migrant caravan that has now reached you wanna keep is Steve Walsh reports. Rodney Scott head of the US border patrol in San Diego says they are increasingly confident that the caravan of migrants will turn toward San Diego. He says the marines will help hardened facilities along the border even with a seven hundred forty one million dollar reconstruction underway at these Sanusi zero point of entry it up the game. That we needed to make sure that we were better positioned.

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