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Which is you you know so obsolete now that And what I think is going to be great with this new car. You know the bigger rims. The the shorter tire low profile tires. It's it's things you see on your daily car to translate what better with a stock car now. Is the car actually stockcar. No the bodies are much different. Chassis built much different but That being said they are getting closer. They are trying to make this closer racing. They are trying to put the the racing back in the the driver's hands again. Where you know? You're not just driving around with a car sticks to the racetrack you now have to maneuver it and know how to drive it. The next it's making these passes and things like that so it's important for Nascar to make these changes which more important than anything else right now and I know a lot of fans that have struggled with this but they literally have to change the economics of the sports on the team owners side. They can't be spending this type of money if they're going to try to make the successful because you know money buys speed we get all that man is getting out of hand and these teams if they can't compete at that level they're we're GonNa fall off and then we're not gonNA have teams and we're going to have these crappy Small one car team things coming in here and making a mess of the sport and bringing in you. You know Bob's super garage sponsors and it's just not gonNA have the same deal anymore if we WANNA make this a great series. They need to fix the the economics of this sport and do it quickly. Yeah no I completely agree with you there and You know I think We gotta jump to short commercial break here but You Know I. I think it's one of those that I've noticed and I think fans of noticed you've noticed it but Used to be you know. You'd have a sponsor and they'd be year long. You know you could count on Jimmy Johnson lows cars or the Jeff Gordon do pot dot car. Whoever's car you know what I mean and now you know that that's the thing of the past it's alternating sponsors and even Nascar can't even find you know you know one series sponsor for the whole they've got a split it up you know and I'm not saying that's good or bad? I'm just saying economics definitely definitely changed the sport but we've got to take a short commercial break in. We come back more with rob Di Meco here on the general tire down and dirty show powered by Polaris Razor. I'll polaris riders. Jim beaver Irish trophy. Trucks professionally hosted down and dirty radio show and also travel the country announcing motorsports events. I've seen it all and trust me. I've done most of it so when it comes time to relax on the weekend. Nothing is better than taking time with my family in our razor vehicles. They've got three liability. I need to just pick up and go explore the desert dunes trail and have the capability to attack even the harshest train. 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It's the general tire down and dirty show general tire stepping on Boorda's our title sponsor. This year slipped up there but we got robbed. EMECO on the show and rob we have been talking a little bit about Awesome Nascar News and kind of where things are headed. But I know before we get to the Daytona five hundred. We've got a couple of big ones first and foremost Chili Bowl. And then we've got the twenty four hours of Daytona but chilly bowman. Does anybody have anything Christopher Bell. Can You tell me rob I I got to say. I'm kind of passive sprint car fan. I follow it just enough economy. What's going on but Cibelli seems like Siebel and Chili Chili Bowl? Do Their on lock. Yeah it's funny you know. I'm not a big. I've never been a big dirt racing guy don't know why and never got really into it. I didn't follow it quite a bit when I was doing work with speed. And all that Sprint cars in the The wing the non wing all that stuff and even some of the stuff. They raised on pavement but These guys out here. You know Tony. Stewart Kyle Larson to some of the big names out out there for the guys that are really the superstars of the guys from the local tracks and and and travel with the circuit and racing four times a week those guys for or the bad assets of the sport right but you get a guy like Christopher Bell. Who's done this record and it has been there and done all that is coming back and just being a superstar for star out? There just shows his driving ability what he is what he can be my issue with him is obviously. He's making the move from the expanded series up up to the cup series and he's going to be racing with the will bind family racing but it in conjunction with kind of the. Jj are the Toyotas and things like that but That's my thing is that he is coming into the sport at that level level with a team. That's really not gonna be able to give them everything that he needs. Now he was jumping with. Joe Gets racing and go right from their awesome and that would be great degree pers- career but maybe they're just trying to get them into that steppingstone 'cause the next year or this year should say it is twenty twenty already The rookie class is spectacular. Cole custer moving up from the committee series Tyler. rettig the champion from the extended the series Christopher Bell these guys those were the top three guys in the extended series moving up and now going to be in the cup series. That is something mm to watch so now you get to see Christopher Bell. The Chili Bowl obviously has an opportunity to win there that would be cool for him to go in Daytona five hundred hundred and the Cup series and seasons and Race that rookie I don't know if it's going to be as successful as it was for him. In extended entity and dirt racing the Chili Bowl in all that because of the teams with. We'll have to see we never know. Yeah well and here's a question you know and this is just something that you you know kind of popped into my mind. Is You. Tell them you're talking about his young crop of NASCAR drivers come and I mean do you. Do you think we're ever going to see these guys with these long careers that go into their mid forties or fifty years old and cup. Because I feel like there's so many young guns and we talk about all these guys coming up and then I can tell you right behind him. I mean you've got Zane. Smith Myth Riley Herbs Haley Degan. You know that are a couple years away from running cup. You know what I mean. It's like there's always this young crop of talented drivers coming in and I feel like you know where those you no you. We used to see those long twenty thirty year careers at times you know. I don't know that we're GonNa see those again rob. I think it's going to get shortened down almost like ten fifteen year careers maybe the peak level. You know yeah. It's also a timing thing. So you got guys like Kevin Harvick who is. He can be racing a few more years but he's getting getting up there right. He's got to retire. Somebody's gotTa take his place. You WanNa be that guy. It's almost like coming out of the college You know like these quarterbacks now that are you know figuring okay. When is this Guy GonNa come out the team? Start talking to the the quarterbacks who are GonNa you know we'll get in this draft coming out here so you know in your senior year your junior year you know when you make yourself eligible to go into the NFL. Same thing with these guys. When do they start making that move? Okay I WANNA. It'd be inexpensively here because this gives me the opportunity 'cause you guys like You know go back to Elliott. Sadler moved up but then had to move back down You know there's a couple of guys that race with Junior Motor Sports. That does does.

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