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Any org editorial director for our. I today were sharing a very special conversation between Tony and the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Nick foles. Now, a quick heads up about this episode. We dug into our two thousand eighteen archives. And this interview is found we was never intended for public release after careful review, though, we decided that even though the audio is an up to the quality that we're used to bringing you. We still want to share this powerful message because this interview happened after Nick helped lead the eagles to their Super Bowl championship in two thousand eighteen where he was also named the game's MVP, and what you'll see is that even in spite of his incredible and complements Knicks sense of past failures and mistakes is never too far from his mind. And that's something. I think a number of us struggle with. Nick, reveals his constant battles with self doubt and fear failure. In fact, it was this fear that almost kept him out of the NFL entirely, but through his faith and his family Nick found a greater sense of purpose and strength, and that's helped him to move forward. He's even adopted in entirely new perspective when it comes to fear. He's a firm believer that if he hadn't experienced failure and pain in his past. He wouldn't be where he is today and along his journey. He seen how immensely important is to be open honest and transparent about your weaknesses because by knowledge ING, and even embracing your deepest fears you actually free yourself, and then you can grow into the person that you were meant to be. You just saw video talks recently fed. Your. You're you're going..

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