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That Marty Brennaman is going to come walking in here, and he's going to start yell atyou, Dave. He will yell at me just because of what type just said, Assuming Marty makes the trip. It's possible you might not might get a little cranky. Well, he's getting old boy. No, he's not. He looks great. He's feeling great. I'm sticking up for Marty. Otherwise, I will get you Yeah, You got to figure the Red's not happy with what the Giants did to him. So they'll be. Yeah, they won't czar Plus Cueto Bumgarner Friday. Awesome. Bring it on. Don't wait for that scope. Tickets available except giants dot com. You never know what you're going to see if you're out here at the yard. What's on deck presented by your California four dealers. Ford. It's the right choice for California. So the Giants will take the night off. Lindsay. Give me company can celebrate tomorrow evening, Mike Leake against Ryan Vogelsong. That's the matchup for the first game of the Siri's Giants and the Reds. Thanks again, Teo, Both Tim Webb and Mike Holer for doing an excellent job. Lee Jones. Extra hustle for Lee Jae particularly post game to make sure we got lynched him on the line from downstairs. So thanks to Lee Jae for that for John Miller, Dwayne Kipper, my crew Go Dave Flemming saying so Long Special day here at the ballpark. The Giants watch Tim Lincecum throw his second career no hitter and they beat the Padres final score four to nothing. You were Listeningto KNBR Classic Linthicum. Second no hitter on KNBR, 1045 and six Spores Leader. You have to learn here about how to exercise guys Ready. Quarantine Er's whether you have turned your garage into a gym dusted off the old treadmill or your fancy pants with a new palette palette. The way we exercise in these times is Jane Exercise Station that gets your blood pumping remains the same. Yeah, just standard. Justin tries back by Tighten your tummy and firm up those.

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