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He turned back to his read it feed to find three hundred comments one more useless than the next until one jumped out at him OMG what a pickle. Yes, cried Perth sticky. But man, he'd read somewhere on the Gogol that the vinegar and pickle juice will break down, and he poxy bond, and he had a jar of gherkins within his reach one episode of battle star galactica later Perth pickle but posted that he was free Saturday morning. The man reported feeling a little tenderness, but not much pain. If anything feels thoroughly exfoliating. All right. Here are your choices. Amy from Paula Poundstone, the horse that would only run faster can win races. But only with the incentive of a pickle faith of woman makes a emotional journey only with the help of an emotional support pickle. And from Tom bowed at a man who had accidents superglued his own, but to a counter top escaping by using the miracle of pickle juice, which of these is the real story about a pickle coming to the rescue. I am going to have to go with the pickle pot or done your choices. Tom story about the man in stralia who glued his buck to his countertop. The find out the correct answer. We spoke to a reporter covering the real story from blog inputs glued himself with any fully night. And he just uses pickle juice and eight around is Nike, but that was a reporter from the bell tower times and Perth Australia talking about his home improvement project on wrong, you were right in the end because. The two story. The heroine uses of Picco, congratulations. You've earned point for him. And you have one are prize. The voice of anyone you may choose telling your children to just come down. It's nothing. Congratulations. Thanks so much for play Davy. And now the game or an important person. Does something completely trivial. It's called not my job. So have you ever said to a friend? You can't handle the truth, or maybe a million dollars isn't cool. You know, what's cool a billion dollars? If you have first of all start thinking of your own things to say, but Secondly, you were quoting Aaron Sorkin author of a few good men creator of sports night, the west wing in the newsroom, and now the author of to kill a Mockingbird on Broadway. Aaron Sorkin, welcome to wait. Wait, don't tell them. Thank you. Good to do. It's great to be with you. It's great to be with you. I came in and the middle and the very first thing I heard was exfoliating his but with a pickle. Happen to me. My first question is I know so many people who are especially fans of the west wing TV show, you wrote and creative. Thank you. Are so disappointed in real life because the people in real life, especially in politics are nowhere nearly as smart interesting and mostly articulate as they are on your shows. So my first question is are you just as disappointed as they are? Sure. Yes. Go a step further that most fifth graders are smarter than what we're generally seeing. You did one of the things. I was amazed at given your talent and your productivity and the words you've one is. I always assume that you grew up wanting to be a writer because you're so frankly, good at it. But that's not the case, right? When I was in high school. I thought I was going to be an actor. I was in all the school plays and community theater. And then I went to college and studied acting, and it wasn't until really the day after I graduated from college that I for the first time wrote for pleasure and wrote dialogue, and I felt a confidence that I'd never felt with acting, and I was pretty cocky, actor really what you write that day. I started writing a few good men. Yeah. My older sister. Daddy, had just graduated from law school and she went into the navy. Judge advocate general score the Jack core. And she told me a story about this trip. She was about to take on Tom obey right? And it became the inspiration for a few good men. I moved to New York after college, and I got a job bartending and Broadway theaters. And I wrote a few good men on cop down that in during the first act of full..

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