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And it wasn't going anywhere so vinci i came in and get a proper job like everyone else no tabasco's race out about about doing alright becoming i went to the new company other creditor training but it definitely wasn't what i wanted to be day some my career essentially has three elements to it overture irrelevant so i started out with capital one the american retail bank after that at different times i was strategy directorate barclaycard for business and protracted sniper the pdp lending cassesse also ran innovation for wall pay for obvious so i i've done my time the second science is that i've been often ah repeatedly in both full profits and not for profit initiatives so i the experience a lot of those pain point that's entrepreneurs suffer with lots of times over and the the third part is that i've done a lot on public policy relating to small smallest so in 2012 i wrote the british labour party's main book on small listens policy in 2014 i created their network of a few hundred digital professional so if you put those three things together which is a pretty kind of weird mix and it wouldn't really had up to anyone else his career in the world but actually for me it was it made it completely obvious that i would gun start tied so in as the entrepreneur i'd experience of these admin miseries of the bank robber felt like i knew how to fix the problem and from a public policy expected have very strong sense of the national and indeed international need the undeterred gun fixing.

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