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Magazine. It crosses over the i mean. There's there's lots of the same things that we do. But then all of protect all of the finances and also writing were yeah. I think we're by by creating was on the set. She's from a lifestyle journalism background than i. I was appetizing. Copyright trend and the creative director rand my own agency and things like that. So we're very creative as you guys know you know when you work in the industry you'll perry oh eight technical stuff like that. Do we have to do them for us. And they're suddenly when ll entrepreneurs and you're working for yourself. It's like oh who who fixes the photocopier yet. Yeah that was told to do a lot of stuff from scratch. A love of the technical stuff. Love the the dry stuff if you like that song as well this learning new skills out many with creates if we overlap on ideas the whole time and you know you really have to trust your gut in these matters and especially with so much on you know topsy-turvy these days you know. It's great that you trust your instincts. But how would you say you're keeping the the magazine most relevant strong As a voice for our community. In which you've been doing so well we the last two issues that we did. We very much where we're dressing. What's going on but keeping politics so you can't really foreign valid today because you can't just say everything's great because everything isn't why you have to address that but also you don't want to be down. We have to you know there's a lot of great stuff that's going on out there. We're talking about these wonderful takeaway. Delivery is what talking about people doing things in charity. That so many good things that it's really you have to champion and you have to let people know that you know we. It might be an office three months. It might be enough six months. We will get past back things guide to change. Obviously but you know where we will creative where wh- adults and we will rise accordingly after the sale on in the world of spirits. There's a lot of innovation going on on edge. We all know is in love reading your articles on the spirits and spirits brand founders and all of the good things so Are there any trends that you're seeing emerge in their spirits. The spirits industry. It's difficult at the moment because a lot of things that are on hold. I would say that where the innovation is coming is with the delivery. Takeaways that's happening with restaurants as well. So what getting a lot of Delivery kits with the restaurant so hall almost par cook the dishes. But you could you finish the for yourself. And i think that that is going to translate into drinks as Marry mbeki at At the gibson has got wonderful cocktail kit but he provides a bottle lots of little nibbles and all of the things that you need to create a really cool ambience. Your saddam you. There's all sorts of things so it's about the experiences and getting people to still have some kind of an experience So i think we'll see much more going in that direction as well an an. I think the other thing is not necessarily new new but the the within exploding. And i'm sure you are is the the no and low alcohol approach to but the cocktails and the ingredients and i think that's been a really positive thing because as you guys will know you go not that many years and you would go to a bar and if there was one of one of you for whatever reason didn't want to drink that evening then we'll alcohol. They really drew the show straw bagel like soda with some orange juice and bank and go a obviously a few miles. A loss five years said the good balls started to really kites but giving a great numb alcohol cocktails and now all in the last even more recently we've seen some really good no no holiday ingredients it's great. Yeah move about it as well. So that's another thing but it's just Tons of sodas here to to try and things like that so yes. The logano categories winning explode in. I think it's a good thing but people are not drinking but also the people that do during come on the occasional. You know day awful or size you know. We're we're we're seeing that on over here as well especially dry genu- yeah jerry high prochell as i said but it is difficult now because that may have been things that were trying to come through. But it's not the best time for launch ansel All this great creativity because the vaseline lockdown and you know people well we'll see we'll see what happens so i think a lot of plans are now so despite all you know things being on hold. Do you have any tips for our arch under friends or bar owners forgetting your attention to get featured in the magazine and you know given that you're so international if someone is from kenya or hong kong. What do they need to do to grab your attention. Well we love hearing from people. We love stories. They can be personal which is even better. If people get in touch with us with initiatives. Sometimes they don't always work but we do love to have voices from all over the world where based in london which is great but you know there is more to the world's and london and i think the the mole voices that we all here the most that we can learn from so it's always great to hear from people from all over the world we we used to have a feature every every issue where we would focus on a bartender from software in the world of what they do so. That's something that we could bring back. you know. We hear some great stories than people have folks passionate voices about. What's going on in that vase. What they're doing back unity's that will be great. And i think we would encourage Bartenders bar owners tool so kind of look at their own offerings before they share that with us as true the guest size. Because i think there's that happened. The law not just in nevada world and in life generally with you'll say close to your baby and he's like my baby. Everyone's gonna love my faith and he's like hold on mecca moment cousin of eighties. So i think that thing of just being a little bit objective about your story before you share so it's very hard to have an editorial calendar normally. The magazine has our editorial calendar planned. But i actually the west going on right now is hard to plan anything however at they are any like a evergreen story that you always cover each month where our listeners can be pasta. Well the the main things that stay as we always do an international vall saying. But that's usually something that we visit so that's from our personal point of view but we can have people's thoughts on on different.

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