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John, Shaffer and Jim Russell who? WHO's accurate down the game? Take your calls for one full hour. The wrap up show debuts after the padres season opener against the diamondbacks this Friday six ten PM. Is that the same Jim Russell that we hear on this radio show each and every afternoon. This is Jim. John Shaffer and Jim Russell. After every PADRAIG. The wrap up if If if the padres go. WORST, case scenario, own seven. pull the plug, pull the plug or in. Will they? Our show go to half hour? How much are you guys inter for the for the long haul which the long haul is at least sixty games everything's. Everything's taking it. One game at times what you're saying? Yes, we're taking it one post game show at a time one. Time I. Don't know about that are committing to sixty games. If. They go eight to start the year. No, we're doing sixty games. We're going the distance. They start the season twenty. Hour! Thing isn't going to happen. We're flexible. In that part I feel like you WANNA. Leave yourself just a little bit of an out. Just in case things go literally south really quickly just a little bit. Okay well, that's fair. That's fair, but when you commit to this sort of stuff, you sorta commits to this sort of stuff. You're the long haul I agree as well because you know. Listen pre imposed for San Diego lawyer like you commit to that. They go lay another egg this weekend. It's not like. This And I'm not going to be there. You're still getting tested. You're still going to practice soldiering a beer before pre-game. Hundred percent committed now, will you? Jim, will you and John have any special segments like? Only a first-half. Are you going to have a weekly player of the week? Good question. You. What is your benchmarks hot seat? If the padres just if they just fizzle out of the gate, we'll jt Miller immediately on your hot right right. This is a great question Mardi. If I might just to follow up, Jim at what point will somebody on this show demand that bruce boats. You'd be higher next. Second segment of the second show..

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