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Remind them that this is the time to start making lifestyle. Modification changes that they can do to live a healthier life throughout the lifespan. So it's it's a good time to it's good window to catch people in prevention. And I'm I speak to a lot of women with within OBGYN about this because they essentially serve as a lot of women's primary care practitioner when they're young. And so it's important to just really emphasize lifestyle modification in this population on couldn't agree with you more. All right. Well, thank you for explaining that the next thing. I wanted to go into with you, guys, exactly. The mechanism of insulin resistance type two diabetes. A lot of debate on this end. I would love for you to hit us all hard with the science go into it as you. As scientific as possible that you can go all the way into the biology for our listeners of what causes inflammation instance, type two diabetes. How does saturated fat play a role in this? How how can you eat a high carbohydrate diet and not make diabetes worsen and all that I'm super graduates question because this is this right here. This conversation is the Hawes of ninety percent of all the conflict in the diabetes world. It's the cause of the, you know, there's there's a lot of debates, and there's a lot of sort of misinterpreted science, and in all really boils down to this exact conversation here about what truly causes insulin resistance because like I said earlier prediabetes is the the condition that you develop before you become hype to that. However, insulin resistance is another is another synonym for prediabetes. That's really all. It is. So it you first become insulin resistant that manifests itself as that we refer to as pre-diabetes. Diabetes one in the same. And then when insulin resistance goes from being a small, you know, a condition that is doesn't really disturb your bug the coast too much to a condition that disturbs your bug significantly. That means that you go from prediabetes to type two diabetes. So you in other words,.

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