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Del Jo on the radio. Tell me about the deal of a century from Mike Lindelof. My pillow 29 98 for a standard queen. Premium my pillow 29 98. Are you kidding me and the pillows are great. I made Alan made my own bed last night. Usually the girls come into nice really did I did. I did. I don't think I made the bed. I put the Giza dream bedsheets up Fantastic. And I slept on my my G's A dream sheets last night. Got the matches topper, by the way I used. Are you sleeping in your man cave if I may ask? No, no, no. I'm sleeping in my bed. No, no, no, We're not fighting anymore. We've We've moved on as I've told you. No, I didn't apologize, but we've moved on moving on. I said, Well, I'm like Bill Belichick were on the Cincinnati You know, whatever. Whatever The next team is, That's what we're on to. You rub cream Did you are am but for my fat self, the mattress topper in Giza dream she's now I'm actually in the market for a new comforter because I use this, like, you know, like, kind of blanket. That's really not that warm. It doesn't keep me that comfortable together. No, thank you, Mr Joseph. That would be nice. But I'm gonna go right to the my pillow website. And I think I'm gonna get a comforter from there in order it and have it sent to my house, You know, See how was very smart because you're gonna get incredible discounts on the Giza Jean bedsheets on the my pillow matches toppers on the my pill. Towel sets. The tower said You were guys we don't think about towels. What is that a hand? Let me tell you something. The towels are fantastic for my fat self. They keep me warm. And here's the best part. They actually work. They dry you off. They really do. You got to go to my pillow dot com. Everybody's going to my pillow Come. We want you to go to my pillow dot com. Mike Lyndall loves you. He loves you for listening. You go to the radio listeners Square my pillow dot com. Use.

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