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At the at the sport that they were dropped into because of their size or height and that happens in the nba less often now with the change in the game with less position but almost as the guy who he has so much going for. You know the affability. The he'd just kind of jumped off. The screen has some star power to them. Not all big guys do at his height and then of course he's crazy tall and he's got a good natural physique but athletically. It's it's tough. So you intel. You're right they're very behind very much a project and they believe in them. And i think he has shown me enough in all the intangible and concrete ways as limited as he has in the ring that he is worth what they're doing with them and i i see what vince mcmahon season him as a project were sticking with and i think in you were saying you know people like him. You know from everything you hear. That goes a long way. You know being likable. Having people root for you when you some limitations otherwise can go a long way to. So i i i was like oh god you know really an. He couldn't even do anything with your calling him up in your sacrificing new day tool at rental to them or to him. Yeah but it's been so mad likes the diverse roster and. I don't think somebody with with the upside of the boxes. He is checking actually comes along all that off. I would agree. I i think things have gone right and like to me. I get the chrisitan of sacrificing this person's sacrificing that person. But there's no reason to have a guy who's there to do. What do they almost is there to do. And not sacrifice these people too. If you're not going to sacrifice these big names to him then what what why is he. Why is he there. Well that he's not being fear or shanke or chad gable. Like you're saying you're sending a signal to the fans dog single to the fans. This guy's a novelty for the mid card. But when he's beaten up these main event mean you are sending that signal weather fans think it overtly or just kinda resonates with them unconsciously. This is a big deal. He's he's he's a main event guy they have them in made. It makes aj. I think it was a brilliant person to vima. obviously because almost can interact with a pro i mean. Aj is one of the more high q. Guys right now in terms of in ring but also on the microphone and and so for him to just be able to carry on us. You know at first. It seemed like a joke. Let's make fun of shortages and it's not as high as height is helpful to accentuating almost as high but when you're portraying this guy is the tallest guy ever it's not. There's no shame to stand and be shorter than him in. Aj never got by his height. But tab the guy who can take all the bumps and do all the work and also on the. Mike helped carry on us and just reacts to him. I think he's a really smart decision by wwe. Yeah i agree. I agree wholeheartedly. I think that it. I mean it combines it. Let's aj rest. Not rest isn't the right word but but rest is body up a little bit and also allows him to use his skill set to make almost even better. I think i think it's all. I think it's all very good with those guys. And in fact you know i between aj honest. Radel and orton. It's like what's not to like about those four exactly well. So what are you doing this. Which is another match that you were you do a rematch extreme rules. You don't want to do too much of that where it seems like. It's part one to be continued. You know back to the future part two and now a few months in theaters. You can see what happens but or in riddle have some momentum archaic bro but there's so many there's so many stories you can tell with both pairs and it feels fresh and new. I don't think this is the match. That has to be kind of conclusive when we move on by any means. I know i don't think this is a conclusive match. I do think that this is one of those moments. I think that it's summer slam some important show especially for wrestling fans. You gotta stadium full of people. This is a pull the trigger moment. This is the feel good moment. This is archaic bro. Like after everything. We've been through with them i. It's something that i think. People are really invested in. I think saturday is the day that you pull the trigger. An archaic bro wins the match. And they're on the same page and it's a feel good moment with randy and red and that you get and i still think you can go to extreme rules and have a in almost in some kind of stipulation that really favors almost try to win the tag title back But i think that. I think i think it would be nice to have the feel good moment between those two At summer slim. Need an extra dose of positivity in your wrestling podcasts. We'll come join me out. Four over the progress paradise appear torch. Vip as we bosc on the bright side of wrestling and focus on some of the great matches and chose from around the world. Be the us. Japan europe are mexico. There's always a place. Resins passed in the paradise to. And we've done fun. Historical shows such as the we love ligers series celebrating glorious career of jewish thunder. Like i was there when shows where guests will join me to talk a bit of classic that they were in attendance for we love variety and.

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