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With twenty eight seconds in the period. Thirty eight seconds in the penalty to Jones. Income's Hoffman through center over the center circle to the Toronto on the far side. It's dumped down but Brodsky out the played himself. He fumbles away here in the near corner. Getting in McCain out of the nearside hop in the past the line. It's away from Wiedeman and he'll backtrack into the Panthers zone for this. One Wiedeman quickly sending it along a pass to McCain on the nearside who dumps it in but Broschi behind the net. And this one sent off the glass farside that's going to go down to our left. And that's it for period. Number two, two two is the score. There will be eleven seconds remaining on the Jones penalty when the third period begins. But the Panthers so far on this power play Columbus plugging some passing lanes there and Tutu's the score following forty minutes. Play panthers. Unable to get set up on that power play. Rare to see that that first unit struggled a few missed passes. If you wants to goals in this game, it looks like you're gonna have to work for you got to get in front of a Broschi. We didn't see any odd man rushes in that period for the Panthers down at the other side. You saw that one brief breakway by Anderson. Perrine almost had a chance but other than that it's been a stalemate on both sides. There's been a grudge match. Hard hat lunch. Pail time the game. So we'll see if the dancers can get it out and grinded out here in the third period. So off today. Second intermission, we go our second mission show presented by j m Lexus coming up in our second intermission. We will have Jameson olive stop my he's going to join Chris Wittingham Bill. Dissect the first two periods of action stats and highlights to go through from the first two periods. So be sure to stick around for that. After that JetBlue out of town scoreboard gets caught up on a busy Saturday in the National Hockey League and world famous Twitter segment coming up a little bit later on as well. You can tweet broadcast. Doug plague that Lindsey hawk yet. Chris Wittingham, we're standing buys. We'll get to the tweets coming up later on in our second intermission show, presented by j m Lexus to two.

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