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Can I rip Mark Rick for just like thirty seconds? Can I can I do that? I haven't done it in a while. I haven't talked pent up, and he's okay. But you're done with the fantasy stuff. Here's the deli. Tried to get off the ground there. It's about fantasy. I'm still hearing three years later about the time that I took devante Freeman from her because we were watching red zone. And we're like, hey, this guy's had five touchdowns in two. This is how resentment works. It's good. He is right. It is good that you're learning these things now at the beginning before you get married because ten years from now the toilet seat's going to be. Devante parker. Dante Freeman fight. But here's the thing. I'm still not hearing the end of it. And she won the championship that year without him. And I'm still not hearing the end of when I took her took him from her have you ever noticed? How there's so many devante as in the NFL, and none in the NBA. Are there that many devante Freeman atoms? Devante parker. Devante this the vaunted Coleman, right? Devante this. I'm sorry. This is what else? Labonte? There's a Levada to there are certain things that are very football specific, for instance, players with long dreads, that's a football thing when super cool coming out of the helmet when I see guys on the basketball court would long dreads the first thing, I think is your reckless and out of control your high energy guy who might hurt somebody can three mantras herald. Jay crowder. Look all of them had the same kind of stereotype that is funny there are they all thick. They all thick sort of six seven guys very athletic very charged but thick not wiry wiring. No loo we never had ribs. That was a ponytail. Wasn't it? Brian grants were kind of they weren't long enough. But he was also an energy guy, by the way, richt may. Can I I don't know. I don't ask me. I mean he wanted to talk about. I mean did have something he wanted. No. No. No. No, no. Because I feel like what I wanna talk about has national show merits. This is a very local story have at the national show. I saw golick and wingo talking about this very topic about how Mark richt couldn't recruit his nephew top target snap. You order back. Cousin? No, no. No, no. Yeah. John. Rick, mark. Rick son is a quarterbacks coach here. They couldn't recruit their nephew. And people are go LSU. He went to LSU now. So it's not just that you lost him. You lost him to Edward Jura. Yeah. You lost him, Ned origin. Now. Ed, or you're on his more powerful getting people who have value inside of the Rick family, then Mark richt IDs. One of those stories that you just wanna be mad at though because it doesn't really matter. He has like thirty eight percent completion percentage. Like, he's. Oh, he is seven to six touchdown intersect. What what is star? Well, he's Brad John four-star. He's Brad Johnson, son. Now, a lot of people know this Johnson from temple. Yeah. Yeah. Who went to FSU so lines. Yes. So, but you're right. I think the bigger indictment here is that he is a four star probably not a true for star. And the biggest indictment is that. He was their top target because he doesn't have the stats backup. He just got the look, you know, may I if if I may we have the lineage, correct? Because if it's Brad Johnson son that that Brad Johnson, married, Mark Rick's wife, Marcus sister, rather, Mark six sister sister. So that's a nephew. We've got that. Right. It's a net. That's how that that's how that works. Okay. Yeah. And it would be funny if he married Mark works wife that would that would that would explain why he's not going to Miami. Everyone's mad at Tim Reynolds. Put it best set. Everyone wants Mark richt to fire his son. But they're mad when Margaret can't recruit his neck..

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