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Forty. Five children. Had died of. Cholera I. Lost it but I had to contain myself. I felt for the sake of the people have to hold it together and I talked to one of the elders I said, how could this happen? I got better and they didn't and he said all at Amano or Fosse it's easy to know why and I said well, why why did that happen? He said. To. It is located. In Los Otros. So much locate SOMOS. Because you are who you are. and. We are who we are and that's when I learned about privilege. And that's when I felt really lousy. That's when I knew that I had to start taking steps to turn things around. It was amazing. I knew the privilege was something in me not only for my health but the things that I could hide and I was hiding my sexuality it's probably what got me into that country in the first place. So I knew that I had to turn that around and it's kind of that day that I made the decision that I was going to spend the rest of my life. Advocating and being an ally for people who couldn't be who they were. Because of their race, their gender, their gender expression, their sexuality, their sexual orientation, their religion it didn't matter I wanted to be the advocate. So people be who they were. that. Was the lesson I learned in Peru. There comes a time when your missionary, they teach you about this a sane. When you're working with people from different culture. Always go. Where you're really really needed. But Not really wanted. And only stay. Until you're really really wanted. But Not really needed. So I knew, it was for me to go to live with my true self and I went back to the United States eventually left the monastery a legit gay man got into a partnership with A. Partner. Of. Eighteen years. And I kind of never strayed from that idea of being this advocate for other people. In two thousand and fifteen at the behest of the Ministry of Education. In Peru I was invited to go down to help the Ministry of Education put together an anti bullying program. All around the country and I was going to be there for ten days. It was my first time back in the country since I had left. And I said this is going to be great and I found a different country. The roads were built health was better. The economy was in good shape still pockets of poverty but people were doing pretty good and I wanted to make it a point to look up Gonzala and I found her I knew I would. So we spent a day together she. She had married children of her own through the years and I just loved reminiscing with her about the orphans that we took care of and I use that time to ask her genitals and to come out say, did you know at that time that I was gay? He.

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