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And do you still have any in stock over there, Eric? I got the only fuel fund has left and not too many anymore. But we still got plenty left over this. Real nice pans ease all make scholars as has not dried up the yard And they got this. Of course, the flowering kale. This in the red and the white ones their last all winter. And plenty of dust flour balls now is about time to do that. Hey, one thing I wanted to ask you and I'm sure a lot of people having this issue you see a lot of pine trees this time of the year looked like they're dropping half their needles or more and Ah, you know, you might start to think you have a dying pine. I had a neighbor lost a pine this summer. Is that any significance to that amount of needle drop this time of the year? The fines, especially the white fines. Did drop about one third of the needles all the old needle still drop. And we have agreed you are provided to the same thing that no yellow inside And one could win storm or that yellow falls off the plant looks fine again. There now that the fines At this past week. There's a little bit of weight. Tens of rain and a lot of the needles dropped, so they started looking better already. It is just natural shedding to do every window every fall. You mentioned panties and ornamental kale and things like that. And now is a time to plant him. But now is also the time to get out. The deer repellent correct. Yeah. Be sure to plant the fancy suspected the talent. As a DEA don't really plowed and kale. Unless you got a bunch of Amberson grounds off sale beat him, But you don't really bother him. But they love the pants Is this like a celeb are People will be planting evergreens this time of the year and I have asked you in the past, but I will ask you one more time in case somebody missed it. What do you recommend as a very hearty maybe fast growing evergreen. If somebody has a hold of Phil, what do you recommend? If you want something for the screen? You can use the green giant or provide for the little Cyprus. Well, you can use nearly Stevens, Holly. But if you just want fun days of planting a used the box Ruth and azaleas and used And barberry. They're all good for foundation planting. Yeah, but this Lengthen this time of the year. Don't wait till December. If you plan them now they could make plenty of noise before the winter. We sure to make Shin Peat marsh with Sean when you plan them. Not planted too deep in the ground. You plant having up a little bit for drainage plan. Um Give him a kick. Start Pete to kickstart after about 10 days. Have. We should put some nose around them and you'll have a good head. Start on the string. So somebody plants one now and it may not be exactly the shape that they want. Is it okay to prune or do you just wanna wait on that You could do a life ruining on the plants? You plan now. But basically all the plans. You have to wait till the spring. What you have planned. The Holly and the some brains is sticking way out This cut him off. They didn't hurt him at all. I would like if you plant azaleas. If you start pruning every branch of room off, you could have both the flowers off to on his aliases breaks after they bloom in the spring, they approve him. Habit. If you like barks, who thought Holly's And you got some of the limbs to stick to fought out, do a little, both charismatic pruning and then in the spring time on the ground, she's thought you could do every pruning if you want. How about the timing on fertilization is the evergreens. They're going to feed in the spring. And the evergreens is anything that gives the leaves or needles in the wintertime. As so azaleas had also evergreens that people think on Lee like junipers and use and spruce pine. Those evergreens like Holly's and azaleas, that also all everybody's like it's set in the springtime. Anything that drops the leaves like a dog with Rezian Maples. A old trees. You're gonna feed all those in the fall and we use plant crushed the feed him and it is two ounces the food of plant height. Any thing to do on weeds at this point, or you just kind of let him die off and deal with it in the spring. No. If you have weeds in the lawn, and now about everybody has chickweed and hand bit this champions person growing and some people said A game in the grass eaten. They did not come in the grass seat. Since you this Take along You've got the seeds to the service. And now the stick wheat and hand bit there like the school weather and always proud. They seeded necessity along you would have secrets and hand bit. So if you have those at is one application off the weed be that ultra or the speed zone because that is him. Unless you would grassy down. They have to wait two cuttings. Off the new grass before I could use the week killing unless used. The product called we'd be the f E that You can apply that as soon as the grass.

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