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But uh but i think that i hear you so so brad voting for a relax as far as the these go although in general not worried except for about tanaka here's here's my thing on tanaka number one pitch this week pitched on regular rest what happened didn't look yet again didn't look good on regular rest now you can say the man is being paid like an ace last season you look at it had third best era tanaka third best d r a in the entire american league last season leaves us not just an ace me truthfully he was the site young candidate last season masahiro tanaka that's how good he was last year so we can all want him to be an ace based on how well he's pitched in the past the keys and based on the contract but the reality is that he's been dreadful the season and when he was actually okay to any of these recent to start to go he was pitching on extra rest so my feeling is at this point we can want all we want but until he's on a roll fixed the mechanics it's taking something's happening or maybe just the whole season a yankees gotta give not to hero tanaka extra rest from now on and if that means that were really see more starts out of the louise successes or the cat greens and then that's what it means so be it now is that great because are we potentially over exposing guy as an extra starter who is not really ray have that role maybe at some point will the yankees.

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