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Boys my gouzerh gambling by wizards of wagering my barons of bedding overlords of the odds two thirds of the degenerate trifecta brother. Bry and Darren the poly kid. What's happening fellas? What's going on? Sal what's going on buddy? We're GONNA know Harry this week because what you know what? We tried to do. A video podcast last week right. Jim and Jim is that what the ambulance second new way. What exactly now that was Harry. Oh that was because we did a video podcast. Harry wore a jacket and everything last week. We previewed We watched and then and then went over the cowboys. Giants game Ninety four and then like no one watched and I was like why we do. The Harry's wearing is best jacket maybe they don't like looking at Harry so what we're audio only today. That's what we're doing and we are going over the October twenty first two thousand game one mets Yankees World series. Oh boy you know what you know. What's going to help this? We can have the great allied or calling in a few minutes. He played for both teams. He got the nod as the mets game. One STARTER IN TWO THOUSAND. The World Series but mets. Yankees obviously big rivalry. Let me set the stage. Here I am a gigantic mets fan. The Parlay Kid Darren and Brian Big Yankee fans You know as far as their rivalry went parlay kid member like they had the mayor's trophies game in the seventies yep they'd play till the one day a year it was like an off day. I was very excited about. I feel like the Yankees whip the mets asses in that and then the players like screw this. We're not doing this game. We get very few days off right. We're taking this out of the rotation Other than that there wasn't a lot ninety. Seven interleague play started Mets obviously won the world series in eighty six before that it was all Yankees But even with the winning eighty six would be the red sox the Yankee's rival so this was big. This was a gigantic brother. Bry You were a little younger when the series happened right. Yeah I was actually. I was twenty years old. I was a junior in college So obviously this is still hugest apex for me as a Yankee Fan so I was actually for game when I was up in Syracuse for Virginia. Tech `cuse game while I'm Michael Vick was the quarterback but My best friend Snuck in one of those little like three inch Casio. Tv's with the antenna so the whole time we did not watch the football game just paid attention to the baseball game. Everybody in our section around US wanted to know the score updates. So it's funny that it's going in and out you can barely the one thing you could do. Is here the whole time. But you know you could write like one of those colored three inch one. So it wasn't wasn't terrible but That I only had to do it. That for the first four or five innings. Because it's such a long game so it was a long game was just shy of five hours. I got you beat brother Brian. I watched on a five inch Sony colored. Tv My wife. We were newly married her friend. One of her best friends was getting married in Milwaukee. I tried to explain to her like this. I don't think she understood baseball. A Union Stan metal play the Yankees every year. Then apply them every ten year. This doesn't happen in the world series the turn of the century. I remember being excited. Go maybe the mets and in this century will be the. Maybe they'll make the world series every year really excited. She's like now non out. You're going to this wedding. I'm in this wedding. Was One of those weddings where the bridal party sat with the with the bride and groom and their dates would have to scatter so. I'm sitting at the table BUT PEOPLE. I didn't even know I had this. Tv This five inch TV under the table. I'm watching the whole game. She always like. Hey what's going on? It looks like there's a spaceship landed underneath their tables. Like I don't care I have to watch this. That's game one parlay kid wherever you were you home you. Bat and older brother was a mets fan. Right John John Big Fan. You you know the rivalry just in my household sal. How it was between my older brother John as a med fan in me as a Yankee fan I mean fistfights growing up but who was better An honest but the thing was the Yankees. Were almost always better right. There really wasn't much of an argument that John could have but there. There was some pressure at this time. I'm thirty years old and I only have one kid? I can't. It's amazing to think back that far at this point but Kinda seems like yesterday at this point so but yeah it was A lot of pressure on the Yankee fans I think going into this series. Sal almost one of these things where the Yankees to me Had to went right. They'll go for the third in a row. I just felt a lot of pressure. Is Yankee Fan? I I don't know why They were coming off an eighty seven win season but lots of pressure size to hear. I hate this. I'm left out lighter or lighter about this later but I felt the pressure in the world to as a mets fan. We're always younger brother like you said. We're always getting kicked in the teeth. If ever there was a year we were going to do it. This mets team. I really think was better. Yankees had eighty seven wins. They lost I think fifteen actually fifteen out of the last eighteen They win the division. Beat the Red Sox. The mets lost by one game. They won the wildcard by seven or eight Then they beat the giants. I was at one of those games They beat the cardinals. Yankees take beat the a's and mariners. It's funny I went with my friend. Jimmy Brusca we went to the mets giants game Benitez closes the giants out the mets. Win We take the Bart to the as game now wearing all met paraphernalia and that a state and brother Bry. You were there just a few months ago. As for the raiders it was. I can't believe if playoff seats sixty dollars back then. I don't believe any of these people were able to afford getting in there. I mean they got death threats throughout the three hours on mcdonagh. I'm ruining a promise. I hate the Yankees. But because I was wearing mets gear. No one wanted to hear it anyway. Here we are game one. The Yankees are favored in the series. There are minus one forty favorite. I didn't even think of touching it betting at Brian. You didn't get it right back. Then this was there was just too much on the line. At the yeah. I don't think so I think at that point. I mean nowadays. I'd probably still. I'd bet the Yankees in the world series just a bet it But back then I wasn't even though I was betting a little bit in college. I wasn't going to bet a Yankee game. I was gonNA touch especially the series against the mets. There was too much riding on writing on it anyway. Yeah Nagel and over on their season. Total winds Yankees were ninety six and a half they like I said went under with eighty seven. Mets were ninety and a half so they go so it was exciting here. We are game one. I'm watching Milwaukee had a wedding Looking at the first pitch. Here's how much I dislike the Yankees we had. I was looking at because there's just so much to to not do do now these days. I'm looking online. At the best. Mets first pitches and one of the first pitches. The best met first pitches issue Marianna Rivera throwing a John Franco Rivera. That's when he was on his I was like I don't want to see this. I don't even care. I have nothing against Marianna revere but I hate that. A Yankee is thrust into that and then they go game. One Yogi Berra catches Darn Larson L. ED been many many years since perfect game in game. Five fifty six. So that's good way to start game one. You got buck you got MacArthur. You've got branly game. One Pettit lighter what else you wanted to say about this game parlay kid the early on. Yeah so the game starts off right. Don Larsen throws out the first pitch to Yogi Berra Yogi. Berra actually misses the misses. The ball sat on a few few notice. Yeah I thought it was an omen right here. We go. This is not good. You feel bad for the guy. Pitch was little low You know and couple side notes decision here. Here's Keith Olbermann in the pre-game calling this baseball armageddon right baseball Armageddon. And you know we're here in New York that's how we feel but I really wonder how the rest of the country felt like were. They like we could care less about this. What's going on but it was pandemonium here in New York. A couple of little things going on You know you have Joe Torry Verse Bobby. Valentine Nineteen seventy-nine Joe Torry Cut Bobby Valentine. As his last cut volume that team so might have been a little bit of bad blood there. The mets a little cocky. Benny Johnny one on Howard. Stern said they would win. In Five The Yankees kept a very low profile business as usual. Sow there. You go to a feeling I have a feeling poorly kid could talk about this for twenty. And here's the thing and he gave Macarthur credit because right away when the game starts he notes that the really only change the Yankees have made as viscous Gino's in its second base chuck Knoblauch who's going to D. H. Because this guy has numbers against allied or a phenomenally ten for nineteen career verse allied or at this time and I think He ended up. Yeah man he what did he do? You have three or four hits in this game I think he had three his last outright. He had four hits. So it's pet and lighter to left these in the lineup for the mets for pettit fees although pettit they show Owen one eighteen. Era at Yankee Stadium in world series. a couple other notes team. Oh Perez is twenty three years old rookie year for the mets they show Alphonso versus jeeter since ninety seven for the three years. Pretty similar stats. Mexico and order. Recovered talks about lighter. Having the most dominant cut fastball. In the majors the Yankees going order a lot of road. Rilot like inside pitches dribblers out to the mound like batters get those nerves or whatever but they were getting like little jammed up in the beginning. Right yeah well. That was basically definitely off off those cut. Fastballs that pet it and liner or throw in there But Sal I was GonNa ask you though when I first started listening when I went back and listened to macarbre. It's I felt like a lot of people back in the day didn't like Macabre but there's definitely when you hear his voice like it brought me back to being a kid listening to these kind of like you got that feeling where I felt like I was like eight years old again listening to baseball which was really exciting back then..

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