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To get in the twenty twenty class will be announced on January twenty first traffic and weather together coming up in just two minutes came what's news time six thirty eight most of the Margarita show there are many different ways to listen and the adore acting can follow me on Twitter anytime at mark reason came wax on Instagram fat mark talk if you miss mark in the afternoon if you missed any part of the show you can download the podcast I came like dot com slash museum of screaming on your smartphone and means you do that by downloading the radio dot com at online streaming you'll hear a week days beginning at two celebrate Halloween with dressed up donuts from Duncan like the spooky sweet Halloween spider doughnut trick or treat are you a little bit old to be trick or treating no this is so it's just a really good costume anyway I hear you're giving out Duncan spider donuts didn't I just to see you with your kid no that was just to my friends is it working run the Duncan almond today for the Halloween spider don't get ten Munchkins donut hole treats for two dollars America runs on Dunkin Hey this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans quicken loans is celebrating our best quarter ever and now we're celebrating some of the lowest refinancing rates ever rates have dropped so much that many Americans can reduce their rate you may be able to save money on your monthly mortgage payment right now the rate today in our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is three point nine nine percent APR four point one eight percent call us at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com to learn more rates subject to change a one point three seven five percent features a discounted rate call for cost information in conditions equal housing lender lessons in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty first Sir Colson Texans and you can hear it here sports voice X. cable X. news time is six forty thanks for tuning into total information A. M. it is Tuesday the nineteenth of November in here as Roger Brandon the steeple traffic center.

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