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I couldn't help myself yesterday while Retweeting the story that I'm about to bring you I added a Jiff that asked this are you entertained? How could you not be a few days after Kelly Ward was reelected at that? Does the chairperson of the Arizona Republican Party, some Republicans are demanding an audit of their own internal election? How can you not bust a gut knowing that Kelli Ward, who pushed the ridiculous idea that Trump had the election ripped off from him more than anybody else in this country? Besides maybe Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani anyway? Is now having to face questions about the validity of her own election. And this really has to chapter hide as your two elections to the chairmanship of the Republican Party in Arizona are the first electoral wins she's enjoyed in years and years, unable even when primaries for the two different Senate seat she ran for being chair of the Arizona Republican Party is a confirmation that in the words of Sally Fields you love me. You really, really love me. There's reports that by laws and rules of order might not have been followed in the second round of voting, which showed Ward squeaking by with her victory. Sergio Ariano from Southern Arizona has raised questions about losing toward that chair position and has actually asked for an audit of the party's election results. His spokesperson, quite ironically, echoed what many ward crazy Republicans said about the presidential election. Quote. This isn't about the chairman's race. This is about election integrity. I don't know if this on it will actually happen, and Arianna has since said that he doesn't think it's going to change much. But can we still go through it? I need the laughs, things. They're dark right now. We could all use a bright smile on a spring in our step. Of course, I don't hope this ends up going too far and that we see moderate Republicans wearing face paint, animal skins and horns, storming the Arizona Republican Party headquarters. Not only does that have to much potential for people I actually get hurt, like those who believed Kelly wards lies about the presidential election did at the U. S. Capitol. It would also well continue to rip the Arizona Republican Party in half. And like the chairmanship of the Arizona Republican Party, I believe Kelly Ward thinks that's her job..

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