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Jamie good with that all right all right. This is where it gets fun. kenny golladay to the giants. Mike ho- man. I'll go with a disalvo with a c. Plus i don't know the numbers speak kindly for daniel jones and the his his deep all accuracy was one of the most accurate passers when going twenty plus yards down the field like a very excellent pro football focus grade on those throws as well so we know that that match exists but it remains to be seen remains to be seen if daniel jones is going to be starting in two years okay so c plus. That was yesterday jamie. Yeah i was gonna say. See i mean like we talked about. I think it's It's one of those things where you're hopeful that daniel jones can maintain gol days value that he gives them the chance to kind of do some of the same things they do with matthew stafford. But you have to see it. I and i think that's the the unknown for it. So yeah the hard part you have to. You have to see it. You'll just have to jump into. You'll you'll have to decide if you find what the the draft. Adp or not. And i we haven't seen like we haven't seen daniel jones with the true number one wide receiver does he. Does he go into force. Feed mode saying oh i know. Kenny golladay is gonna come down with this or does he just keep spreading the ball out because he has goodish players around. Besides kenny golladay. There just hasn't been enough of a stretch for danone and this is predicament for the giants. As you're obviously well aware atom of healthy saquon healthy receiving core competent offensive line. Daniel jones the started. We just don't know what this whole puzzle will look like so you know it could be great. They couldn't up being the best team in the nfc east. And keep that streak alive. There you go back to back winners. I never read this yesterday. We were talking about the giants offensive line yesterday. But this is from the new york post andrew. Thomas allowed the second most pressures in the nfl. We'll hernandez lost his starting job. Midway through season. Didn't play in the finale. Nick gates was the number twenty seven ranked center by pro. Football focus shane. The mu.

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