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I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Mike Rogers has the morning off rocks thrown from the Katy trail bridge under the Dallas north tollway and damaged a number of vehicles this week here's K. R. L. these Kristin Lysol Dallas police are investigating after at least a half dozen reports of cars being damaged one woman tells NBC five she stopped when a stone the size of a cantaloupe crashed through her window while she was driving under the Katy trail overpass and while waiting for police she says the barrage continued they just kept growing they just kept throwing it's almost like they were going to wait until they saw sirens to stop and then obviously run her Kerr has a big dent in the hood now on her front passenger window was broken her husband's car also lost the back passenger window two other people whom this happened to actually needed to be checked out by paramedics police have not released any information about suspects in this rock throwing Kristin Meisel news radio ten eighty KRLD a child is in the hospital after being shot in the fort worth poly neighborhood overnight the gunfire was about one this morning the whole thing started when two women got into a quarrel one call her brother who arrived with a gun and began shooting checking our car one of the women found her three year old son bleeding from a wound she spread to cook children's with the little boy's condition has not been released of the original scene where they were sent for with police didn't find anything but they kept looking until they found a stretch of hanger Avenue east of two eighty seven south of Rosedale there they discovered shell casings littering the street while the shooter was long gone they have a pretty good idea who it is since it was the brother of that second woman Kerr Lewis newsradio ten eighty KRLD so Josh bring ended up in jail this past week and of course the former Dallas cowboy player now a nother arrest warrant has been issued for him one of prosecutor pro tem will have to decide what to do with the case the judge is taking it on herself to issue the arrest warrant for Brent after he was picked up Sunday for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer the warrant seeks to revolt branch probation for his two thousand twelve fatal drunk driving accident.

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