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The virus alerts begin. Again. Well, hopefully our long national nightmare is over. Now. 5 19. Let's get a check of traffic here is John Dempsey before the traffic, some breaking news. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Trump impeachment trial will begin the week of February. 8th. This is a pair of apparently a compromise between the Republican leader Mitch McConnell and Schumer. McConnell wanted to delay it until February. Now the Trump impeachment trial will start February 8th in the United States Senate. And now let's check traffic that Eden's inbound Les Cook Road to the junction 16. 15 Kennedy inbound from O'Hare, 42 minutes outbound. It's 38 minutes, the It's an hour inbound from Thorndale 47 cleaning up after a crash inbounded to try and state outbound Ike. It's 50 out two Thorndale Stevenson in from 3 55 27 out John Stevenson 44 out to 3 55. Jam between Ashland and Harlem. Outbound at County Line Road There is an accident on the left shoulder. Dan Ryan in from 95th. 16. Outbound is a 25 minute ride all sorts of problems on the Tri state. North bound. It's jammed between the Reagan in the Eisenhower and then North bound on the vents and Bill Bridge. There's a crash blocking the left lane and then North bound approaching Irving. There's an accident car versus semi on the blocking the right shoulder. On the North bound tri state. And let me tell you about this on the South bound tri state at 163rd. We have a car versus semi accident on the right shoulder that is traffic from the WLS Am 8 90 Traffic center. Monday night. 67 Welcome. It's the alone I coaches show.

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