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And weather station already. Happy Friday men. Good morning. Good morning. Reto pointing grand Rachel the hater. Explain that to segment hatred gives you a nice big glass of that. I don't know about you guys. My ride in wasn't too bad of the main roads are our parking lot. I could skate on now. And they've usually do a very good job here today today was was creepy. So you got a couple of things I know there were we'll get to some other other things but twenty route twenty nine in Saratoga county gases retweeting nine at brook road is closed because of high water also coming in nine g at Claverie road. This is near the Hudson report line same thing. Water important. Okay. What there were some tugs that were loose or sagging couplets hugs broke free in Lansing Berg. And there were I guess they're still looking for. That'd be racist. Tug on the loose talk on the loose on the river this morning. We'll definitely get some more information on that as soon as can. And I haven't checked school closing. They're coming in pretty quickly too. So WG y dot com, keyword, snow on that. All right. Thanks read. And there are there was some flooding throughout the some people in my neighborhood basement issues. Luckily, I don't have any but a runner name womanish on channel six Monica gentile. She lives in Roosevelt street Rotterdam. She says she was basically stranded in Homer street floods all the time, and she's a little frustrated at this point. I can't get out of my driveway. Because it's it's like a river, my mother's eighty seven. And I like to go there at least once a day every other day at the most to make sure she's all right? She recently broke her arm, and she's not doing as well as she used to do on our own. So I could see where that's definitely frustrating. She wants to talented do better John playing storm drains and anymore. Gravel in the like in the this Kelly. I think was not so much rain related but cold related Detroit. Atrium had a roof leak. And Papa seem long a gutter inside the building and that that caused some flooding there at the Troy atrium, Washington county was a particular troublespot things seem to be calming down a bit this morning. The governor they had then wonder me breaking green witch, which assists been repaired. But I think there's still a boil water order cell. The state Senate like forty thousand bottles of water up there. So that's that's a quick response by the state and one of the trouble spots along the white creek. Up around Cambridge in the the Cambridge fire chief says, it's it's been it's always an issue, but it's been especially bad last couple of days this area is prone to flooding during this time of year with these particular weather conditions. But this particular is first time I've seen this in Kelly. I love this woman. Her name is Beverly column or she's been lived there for over fifty years, and she's got her stuff ready to go. It's not like she's like ignores all warning. She's not stupid in the aid. You know, what happens, but but beyond that, she's not going to overreact anything to its many times old hat. But you never know. You know, you gotta be prepared. I like that. So she's very cool, shall we? Get the hater now. Sure. Rachel could not I would have bet my life on on on this happening. In fact, I wish I I should have it. I should have sent myself an Email dated before Rachel sent the story to me last night, but guaranteed what is going to be first on her list of things. She wants to talk about. I just report the news and the fat don't kill the messenger. The messenger. There's a ten year old kid in Kentucky who want to science fair, and he based it on with the help of his parents who I'm sure hate the patriots..

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