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You know i did like Horrible guest stars on you. Know procedural stuff i mean. You know that stuff really. Were you up to say light gum police jargon or like medical snow know where i was like. There's like a judging. Amy episode i did. This is before these other jobs in your like when. I'm a goth kid goth and i'm and i'm on trial because my girlfriend and i wanted to kill ourselves and we did but i chickened out at the last moment she died. So it's like it's like melodramatic stuff wall and look like here. You know robert ear. Yeah and and i'm having a breakdown on the stands man have you. It's not good. Have you seen it in a while as roma god not in like ten years and certainly not the whole thing in twenty but yeah. I think i'd seem like a clip of it and i can't bear to. I came to watch also. I can't bear to watch that. That said displayed any confidence i had. I also can't bear to watch any of voc or really in. I speculate on something. That i'm ninety percent sure is right for you and as we for sure right for me the first half of might when it moved up to la and so this is pretty much for most of the oc certainly gilmore. Girls certainly any of the stuff. I did like vince. Bond was my acting furor. My god and and and to the point where. I'm doing terrible in my god. It's funny most of my torness. I've since knocked that off the that was you know a lot of my acting for better or worse in Twenties is the adam. I don't even think that's shameful. Maybe i'm just saying that. Because i'm so guilty of it But i think. I also see other and i wonder if you other very clear. Influences like I see a lot of like guys that i looked up to light. Sam rockwell and Michael j. fox is there and who who are some of those other deliver pinpoint pinpoint like. Oh that's from even if it's like a friend that i thought was cool ya. These are going to sound weird. But i have and it won't tran. It'll be silly sounding like him. But i still can have cured my head and i can filter it through me and i swear i get something from it but like i've pulled from like harrison ford and tom cruise a couple of times online here and there has a great intent. Focused intensity yes and harrison. Ford has a great historic every like there was a man in my house. Yeah but just like his office. I mean it's sort of archaic now like mad at women for nothing. You know what i mean. Like swain light where was cool to have like being mad at your leading lady for you know right. Yeah yeah to overreact at I'm thinking raiders lost karen allen jack nicholson In my head. But i can't say like i ever do line ever do like a line ren- of his stuff but i i looked to him a little bit and then also Again i never really have done a line read. I've never felt to me. Like i'm consciously polling like nicholas cage but i looked to him to what i like about him and jack. Nicholson a little bit but nicholas cage is. He's pretty theatrical. you know. Yeah pretty like he he..

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