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Clippers, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard discussed on The Jump



You're looking live at the site of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Introductory Clippers press conference at the Green Meadows Recreation Center in South Los Angeles. We're just moments away from their rival. We'll go right to them once. It begins walk into the jump. I'm Georgia Donna fearless leader Rachel Nichols today. I'm joined by our Bucks reporter Movie Andrews and our Lakers reporter Dave McMenamin. Thanks for hanging out guys should be obviously a lot to get into coming up. Jaanus was working on his shot with Kyle Korver. So of Yannis develops a jumper the rest of the lead on notice at that point well stay tuned for that but I the clippers will officially introduced Kawhi Leonard and Paul George shortly making a monumental moment in franchise history the clippers who have never even been to the conference finals as a franchise suddenly find themselves with the reigning finals m._v._p.. And the second runner up for the regular season M._v._p.. On their roster so dave let's discuss the dynamic duo here are Hawaiian P._G.. The best pairing in the league right now they're fantastic but there's another pairing right down the Hallway Staple Apple Center in Lebron James Anthony Davis. That's the Best Combo in the league and not because of any shade on the clippers standing but there's one thing that Lebron A._d.. Will complement each each other on the court with running pick and roll and that one thing they can do better with each other skillset combined than anything that Paul George and can do now. You can say that Paul Jordan quiet Leonard on opposite wings defensively is a menace if I'm talking offensively and usually when we talk about players complementing one another I it is on the offense events and that's why give the nod their and even though lebrons older they have the health and that do coming into the air. Yeah I mean that's going to be a big thing right whether or not the health of Paul George is something that's one hundred percent. I mean he's coming off of that shoulder injury. Is that something that's going to be plaguing him going forward <hes> and this season I actually I think that it might very well be the clippers. Bristow is the best deal in the League but going forward..

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