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And they feel duped and then she gives me no defense that had i know that but also That atar being medium because there is so much information out there i mean there were moments like that where it was very helpful to have a character. Go through the doubt to be a skeptic so that we could have those moments of skepticism. We could had those moments of doubt. They came through the story. Bryson as opposed to me having to impose these there were always experts of people for example that people from the society for psychical research in cambridge in the uk. They're the ones that could be talk about skepticism. Through the through the years regarding physical mediums for example So it was helpful. I think you know you want to ask this question. You wanna have some balance that grounded the show in a railway just showing but like you said it didn't seem agenda-driven you allowed those those things that potentially could you know disprove just to emerge naturally through the story which you know as documentarian. I feel like it. All has to naturally emerge from the story agreed. Were there any concepts that That hit the cutting room floor that you really wanted to get in there. We know it's interesting when you doing. Survival it kind of veers into psychic cy kinds of work as well because you know as a lay person getting into an odd like. What's the difference if we study remote viewing or psychic abilities. Why why isn't that part of this kind of a series and and now i fully understand it but lesley was like no. You won't our stories. All are about investigating looking at the possibility of survival after death and side that sort of hugh super human or human powers of being psychic and able to read. Someone's mind or being able to take your mind and remote view. It's not about survival. And so so it really. It took me a while to sort of stay focused on.

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