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That the wage. She's not she's not a girl she's a she's not a hot take at all. But if you're you're over twelve you should not be calling people mommy or unless it's ironically. ooh ooh Mommy. Mommy like how would uh-huh why. Why was that even flying? Yeah what a gem is also missy had an interesting interesting exit from the game in that Second Tribal Council what you make of Mris extended exit. I loved it. I love some good theater. You know what I get if people in Lincoln why they didn't like it but me personally fan I do. I want to see it in every episode having this after kind of breakdown like no do I think it works well for MRIs character. Absolutely I big Fan. Okay I find with that all right after missy ended up finally going and getting her torch snuffed. She talked about her experience. And this is how she described being voted out of the game on the scale of Dope nece getting blindsided doesn't negatively geico negatively dope to get blinds on the scale of doping. Hell you know about the scale of Dope Ness of course. Yes yes so it goes. Negativity is it negatively dope to decently. Dope is that what the scale is. Yeah so I think it negatively dope Tillich sorted out to decently to doped extra dope all the way to the top it's it's de facto. Push Ashtrays hopeless. Hope it then. Then hope is though during the way that she's has said decently dope over the course of this. I feel like that decently. Dope is better than dope. I think well yeah no I think you might be right even though it usually if you qualify something with the word decently. It's worse than if you just say the actual thing but yeah I think in in the MRI scale on the MRI SCALL- decently dope is more dope than hell. I would go. Negative negative than just plain in. Dove decently. Haley Uber. Dope dope feels like eighty percent. We're out feels like one hundred percent though also dope if is all the way better than decently okay. Yeah because it's like full Volvo job it's like it's decently. Joe We're we're like dope it's like sold out. This is why we need missy exit press and we can now find out all right email. Okay so we'll have to go on based on for our lack of information here after that we will say that DOPE IS BETTER THAN decently doping than negative negative dope is negatively. Dope is the worst and so- Haley really as our snack chat expert. I was wondering if we could throw out and the traditional Thanksgiving foods for you and you could tell dope scale on the scale of negativity dope to doe. Tell us about some of these foods. Now when when of course famously Canadian Haley strong a Canadian thanksgiving is it all the same food. Is there any differences. You know. It's pretty much the same except I'd say we don't have sweet potato casserole. Okay what what do you have a replacement staple no relief relieve. I think it's like sort of a thing here but like not as much of a thing. Okay all right. We just didn't candidate don't put marshmallows on quite this much stuff as you guys do in the states not bad all right Hailey Turkey. Okay as as the nucleus the Thanksgiving dinner is a decently dope dope dope on Turkey. Okay I feel like Turkey gets a lot of hate you know and it does and I've heard a lot of justification on why does I am just a fan of Turkey. I love it. Okay I it also a trip to Turkey. Okay there you go all right. I love Turkey either. A big Turkey legs like one of my favorite things. The image of you with a giant Turkey leg makes me. He's at medieval times to every every thanksgiving. I've ever been to me with a plate of other stuff just holding the Turkey leg like nine in then using other hand sides it's a site okay. All right Hailey. cranberry sauce super super dope beyond indecently Dell. It's my favorite. It's my favorite part. And Like I. Like I like homemade cranberries. I love jellied Kramer. Jelly where are you just like. Pour it out and it comes out in the shape of the Canon came in my God. My favorite uh-huh yeah. That might be the best the best on the history of this podcast. Wow I could get a lot of hate about it like I did from my. Oh my my Bagel take and how I say beg or on Yeah. We do say Bagel wrong but the race as I wanted to say Bagel but but the Jelly cranberry sauce is way. Better than any HOMEMA- cranberries Haley. Remind me what was the the Bagel take of there. Were there was something going on in the world. There was like a Bagel. There was a bagels. Were trending on twitter for some reason right. I don't remember her at Dickey's like message and being like ask Haley why she doesn't legals bagels. Were hot for some reason. Maybe Yeah Yeah. Yeah this year at Thanksgiving my mom says does she brought a can. She was bringing it again. I said Great. She gave me the cranberry sauce. I was worried because there was one canterbury sauce and there was ten people coming to my house. I was like non going to be an grammar so I went to the store on Thanksgiving. Got Another KANTA cranberries. Okay and then. My Dad comes uh-huh later and he's like I brought another cranberries Jessica rate. We have so many cranberries now and we went through all. Wow Okay Haley. Here's what I do. Okay so I take I take one of the delicious dinner rolls. I put a layer of Turkey on it layer of mashed potatoes and then a layer cranberry sauce. Eat It. Like San okay. That's that's usually my day after Thanksgiving when when this just like the white meat leftover I I usually go white meat. It on some bread stuffing and the members. Amazing all right Hailey so instead of me quizzing you could you tell. Is there any thanksgiving. Thanks giving food that is negatively dope stuffing stuffing on staffing. I just don't love the texture but throws me off it's always kind of like wet and mushy sometimes. The flavors are a little too strong. When really I just WANNA focus on that cranberries anyway? Yeah I don't love stuffing I'm very reserved with my gravy. I just like a little side dish so I can do a casual dip like I'll take my little Turkey sandwich originally dip it in the gravy. But I don't want gravy all over my plate I want to choose. How much gravy is associated with my dinner? What else I do like sweet potatoes without sometimes? My mom makes regular mashed potatoes with sweet potato delicious. We often do roasted veg thing with like turnips and other turn up like vegetables. And then like Brussel sprouts. And I hate Brussels sprouts so like I don't want that Is there anything missing. We're GONNA any dessert dessert. Dessert dope or negatively DOPE I. I didn't think Pumpkin Pie was dope until pretty recently dope super dope and I'm not like decently double the Guy My dope I'm decently dope. I'm compiling decently joke now. What about Pecan Pecan Pie? Because for me pecan Pie superdome. I don't think I've ever had a full peace of Pecan Pie but I think for me it is. It is very sweet and the the one thing I want to not not a dessert. What about butternut squash soup? I like it if it's is I. Whoever makes it put some salt in it? Because then I'll find out a little too sweet Yeah so that's yeah that's up for that. They had my my cousins butternut squash. It's very okay all right. Let's back contract full down the butternut squash squash soup rabbit hole. Okay Super Note. All right there you go marshmallows on his side dish. By the way all right and would eat that. I'm not normally a big marshmallow fan but I don't mind it on the sweet potatoes but let let's get this back to survivor a little bit and let's talk about what's going on in the world of social media. We actually have some interesting stuff to talk about this week. And so let spring thing in our social media segment and back with us this week to go into our social media. Here's the Great Jacob. 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