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For America's largest selection shop. Classic Chevrolet calm, Find new roads based on 2020 million registrations. Meteorologist Brad Bargain. Our weather looks very good for the next 3 to 4 days, while the big northeastern hubs big out of probably up to 2 Ft of snow, lots of flight cancelations and travel delays in the Northeast today. We are going to be sunny with a high near about 58 today, which is just about perfect for this time of year low near 34 tonight like wins, then we're gonna warm up to 60 tomorrow and 70 on Wednesday and windy and warmer with more clouds 72 for the high Thursday before our next cold front moves in for the weekend. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin from the W B A P Weather Center. Right now, a few clouds and 39 degrees news brought to you by classic Chevrolet and best Buy Windows and siding. Governor Greg Abbott is said to deliver. The 2021 State of the state address tonight is expected to focus on the state's response to the Cova 19 pandemic, outlined the governor's priorities for the 87 Legislature and highlight exceptional Texans from across the state. It starts at 7, P.m. and W B A P will be carrying that live or Calvin 19 vaccination centers are opening up in North Texas. Didn't County Judge and D ead says Texas Motor Speedway will open up later this week as a drive through vaccination site set to go. Texas Motor Speedway have been great partners that you know they were great, too. All the different county High school's back in the summer for our graduation, and so we're excited. They are partner as we had that one of the biggest mega sites for vaccinations and all of the offender. You anyone wanting a shot must register through the Denton County website. Dallas ST Patrick's Parade and festival has been canceled due to the pandemic.

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