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News all the time. Right here on KCBS. CBS News Times, 6 38 were first for traffic. Hey, Kim, How about we check out the Bay Bridge? Let's I do have much better news. We had a crash on the lower deck before mid span. Now out of the way, leaving just a bit of a lingering back up onto North bound 11 just before the central freeway, so you'll definitely be tapping in those brakes. Eastbound 80 Skyway. But traffic moves at the limit from downtown San Francisco all the way across the lower deck into Oakland and no delays on the upper deck and all and better news, Also in San Francisco, a crash on North bound crossover drive that had traffic jammed onto North bound 19th avenue that crashed before Fulton in Golden Gate Park is now clear. You're right on the shore is a wide open between Berkeley in the car. Keenest Bridge eastbound, Interstate 80 westbound eastbound, whichever way you're going. It's a nice ride tonight. Children about inclusion Cam is tracking ongoing delay. So amount you behind this accident evolving with four cars. One of them took off, so it's a hit and run South Bound 101 Right before Highway 85 2 right lanes are blocked. That's why it's slow from right around. Ring store on South Bound, 101 Next update at 6 48 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Coastal fog and increase in coastal fog is going to come back on Wednesday, and that'll cool things off, especially near the coast in bay, But for tomorrow a lot of sunshine Highsmith sixties at the Coast low seventies by the Bay Upper eighties to around 90 inland. Traffic and weather together sponsored by your Northern California Honda dealers. Your total wine and more store is ready to serve you with our always low prices on an incredible 8000 wines and.

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