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Do this it's time to talk music with one time Steve Patterson this is the all right there is a new jolly Intel on move and then this year you got it His Holiness is going to release his debut album on July sixth which is also his eighty fifth birthday it's called inner world and it's basically got the Dalai Lama like reciting mantras and prayers over a musical background it's actually very soothing calming let's listen to this banger which one this one is this called this is called I think compassion okay call it I love it I don't know what he's it is like a famous prayer I single I like that instrument right there I like it's made of wood whatever it is right smart today hello when you need it I think it's very lovely now Steve it's a Volvo Zilla remember member it up Steve how many again to give the Dalai Lama's that's a four four Gary how four out of five countries I did expect it to open up a little more during the hook it's not a class I feel like I need to re mix that I'll come back tomorrow with some news CJ hello now wait wait just because it's important to stay balanced friends of you're too much of anything that's not good I did find safe walrus farting video and it's on a documentary called arctic tale and this is after they had spent a significant portion of time eating and feasting and what else these blah blah but here's what comes next and just play a little okay great someone.

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