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Thing. One tonight meet Republican, congressman, Ron, ESTES of Kansas. Fourth district. That's is that a pretty smooth ride up the ladder. GOP politics. I is county treasurer and state treasurer charmed. Political life is the Wichita eagle called it. And last year he became a US congressman after winning a tough race in a special election for the seat vacated by monk. Mike Pompeo, I'm Ron. ESTES after eight years of Obama, America's weaker in the swamp is deeper than we thought. And now the liberal activists are trying to steal this election by supporting new Bernie. Sanders backed lawyer because they know he will vote the way Pelosi tales into so much going on that metaphorically Ron asked his won that race by more than six points. But the problem with winning a special election is you only get to finish out your predecessors term. So Ron, ESTES is now running for re election and Ron. ESTES has himself a Republican primary challenger and the guide coming for Ron. ESTES is another dude, nave rod, ESTES, and that's king. In sixty seconds. Republican, congressman, Ron. ESTES of Kansas is facing a tough challenger in tomorrow's primary Ron. ESTES, it's a different Ron. ESTES running against the incumbent, Ron asked us and these two s disease plane does don't like each other challenger ESTES file, right under the deadline at the end of may and secured the website real run as does dot com response, congressman. ESTES added a whole page to his website titled imposter run. ESTES. Now there's been a lot of drama over how the two honest to seize will be listed on the ballot. Sate. Elections board will let the congressman be identified as rep ESTES which normally wouldn't be allowed. But according to secretary of state, Chris Kubeck, it would just cause too much confusion. Otherwise, congressman us now has a second campaign yard sign with the word rep on it posted as he puts it. Meanwhile, the other s.'s will go by Ron. ESTES on the ballot. And now rep, Ron is attacking the middle initial. This is rep. If you haven't voted in the Republican primary yet, I want to remind you to get out and vote this Tuesday. Just remember there to run. This is on the valid. I'm listed as representing the other one is packed by Magritte's enlisted his Ron. ESTES, just remember the permission. Misleading? No says Ron. ESTES end stands for merica. Okay. Well, we were going to guess mill house results should be in around this time tomorrow night, and then we'll find out which ESTES is bestest. It's a big election night coming up tomorrow night with a special election, Ohio, and primaries, Missouri, Washington, Kansas, and Michigan. Whether it's an interesting race for governor. One of the democratic candidates is an internationally recognized public health scholar and epidemiology, and a Rhodes scholar who would also be the first Muslim governor in the nation's history. Dr Abdul el-sayed is still polling significantly behind the front runner Gretchen Whitmer. These gotten a lot of support from the left like from Alexandria. Cossio Cortez who campaign for last month and Bernie Sanders who campaign for him in Michigan. This weekend, our own Tremaine Lee caught up with Abdul el-sayed in Detroit yesterday to ask him about what he's running on. We often hear this idea of the working class voter real Americans. And sometimes I think there's a silent white on that. We're talking about white working class white America, but you look at Detroit and communities all around here. This too is a real America. What do the people the real Americans in this city and in this state? What do they want? The fact of the matter is is that if you are a poor or working or even retired American B, you black Brown or white talking about the same issues, right people don't have access to basic things like healthcare and in this state in particular, we know viscerally the experience of losing a job and potentially losing your health cats. Something Michiganders'. Many of them went through in two thousand eight people talking about the fact that they can't earn a living wage working forty hours anymore because so many of our jobs get off shorter, automated people worried about the air, their kids breathe the water, their kids drink, and our message has always been that if we come together around politics that puts people ahead of the corporations that have dominated our politics for so long, we can actually solve those. Problems, access to healthcare, high quality schools access to Aaron water that are don't.

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