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Law and order message, saying, If you're going to stop crime, we have to give the respect back to the police. They deserve Fox's Rachel Sutherland in August. Retail sales coming in low estimate, America's Listeningto Hurricane Sally pushing its way offshore near Gulf shores as a Category two storm with 105 mile per hour winds. Forecasters say the slow moving storm could dump his Muchas 30 inches of rain in some areas. The Weather Channel reporting from Pensacola Mate Street, Pensacola underwater this morning as storm surge now at 5 FT. Continues to come on in. We have high tide at 11 30 this morning, So the water stars a chance to go up from here unless we get in the eye. That may help us out a little bit. A storm surge warning in effect for Dolphin Island all the way to the Walton Bay County Line in Florida there. Numerous reports of property damage calls for water rescues, Tornado watches and warnings have been posted as well Due to a turn in direction. Central Alabama won't get the massive rainfall that was previously forecast. I'm Leah Brandon And this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's J T. All right, Leah. Thank you very much. It is 7 34. Let's check in with Mickey Ferguson over at Fox six and get a quick update on Hurricane Sally. Mickey. Welcome back in. So, uh, she strengthened overnight, huh? He did strengthen made landfall at about five o'clock this morning. Very close to Gulf shores, the eyewall moving right over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach some very, very popular destinations for vacation goers. So we have numerous reports of flash flooding. You've got the storm surge. Tornado watches posted. Several tornado warnings already have been posted up through the Florida Panhandle. So They're really getting hammered and just just incredible amounts of flooding. Almost 2 Ft of Rain has fallen already in the Gulf shores. And this thing is just creeping to the north at about three MPH so continues to just act as a pump counterclockwise rotation, just pulling more and more moisture out of the Gulf and just Flooding all parts of South Alabama, and this goes up through Foley in a summer. Dale Palmer Dale just all those areas getting lots and lots of rainfall. Now it does look like Sally is going to continue. On a southeastern North east track into southeast Alabama little further to the south and what we expected earlier, So while it's bad news for those folks could be good news for us, I don't think we're going to see the flooding that we expected earlier. I would say the farther South and east, you live, the better your chances of getting some flash flooding or some flooding Rains. I'm talking like Chilton County may be Coosa Tallapoosa counties. Southern Talladega County might see most of our rainfall. But there's there's a lot of areas west of I 65 in north of I 20 that may not get much, if any rain from the system. Well, there's some good news. Alright. Thank you, Mickey. But, boy, I tell you, south they're getting pounded. We're gonna have another update from our mobile sister station. A TTE 7 50 this morning, So stay with us. You just about 15.

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