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This. Same Temper- leads us to our final theory. A Costa's death was an assassination. A Costa was known as a troublemaker and rabble rouser. He was a political leftist in a time. When fears of communism were still widespread law enforcement routinely kept tabs on him and would even show up at his door looking for him. In addition to offering legal services to fellow Chicanos. In the late sixties a Costa had become one of the leaders in the fight for equal rights. He marched with protesters and gave speeches at rallies. He successfully argued that Los Angeles County had systematically discriminated against people with Spanish last names in an effort to keep them off grand juries in nineteen sixty nine he defended a group called the biltmore six. These were Chicano activists with the Brown berets. A group that organized protests and fought to bring attention to Chicano Civil Rights on April twenty fourth of that year. The group protested speech by California Governor Ronald Reagan at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Several fires were set during the protests. The biltmore six were accused of arson but Costa argued that the fires had actually been started by an undercover police officer who had framed the group. His arguments worked in court and the defendants were acquitted but blaming an undercover cop hadn't won him any friends in law enforcement and as a Costa gained more experience working on the front lines. His perspectives became even more radical in nineteen seventy. He embarked on a controversial campaign for Sheriff of Los Angeles County. He didn't expect to win but he hoped his candidacy would bring attention to that you. Connor rights movement. His primary stands was intentionally provocative he planned to disband the sheriff's department and rebuild it from the ground up. He stated the police are the violent arm of the rich. And I want to get rid of them. Though he ultimately lost the race he came in second among four candidates and his campaign highlighted the abuses of the sheriff's department but this made him an even bigger target if law enforcement hadn't liked him before his political campaign. They hated him now. It didn't take long before they found a reason to arrest him. Accustomed was caught with drugs. In an undercover sting in Hollywood and arrested in June nineteen seventy-one though he was only fined for the infraction. It played a significant role in his decision to leave. La and embark on a full time writing career. A Costa was also known to support the Chicano ideology of the nation of ASTA. Lan Asta Lan was the traditional name. For the homeland of the ancient Aztecs. Chicano idealist advocated for secession from the United States to form. A Nation of Chicanos. Ruled by Chicanos. At the end of his book autobiography of a Brown Buffalo. A Costa spoke of this dream ending with a sort of call to arms. He wrote when I have one million Brown Buffalo's on my side. I will present the demands for a new nation to both the US government and the United Nations the FBI had opened a file on acoustic in nineteen seventy when he ran for sheriff informants within the Chicano Movement had passed on information about a coastas whereabouts and actions but the file was closed in December nineteen seventy-three not long before coastas disappearance. Could that have been because they decided to silence him? Once and for all federal agents may have killed a Costa and then disposed of his body by doing so they got rid of a nuisance who according to his F. B. I. File had been involved in civil disturbances and anti-american Demonstrations. He was a potential revolutionary. And he needed to be silenced. A Costa sister. Anita advocated this theory. She stated they used to come knocking at my door. When Oscar was living with me they wanted to get rid of him they wanted him to disappear so did Oscar. A coastas dream of new nation. Cost him his life. Well it's interesting that the FBI closed its file on a Costa just before his death. It probably wasn't because they decided to assassinate him. It was because he was no longer believed to be involved in revolutionary activities. That's understandable since he quit his high profile legal career two years earlier. Furthermore a Costa doesn't seem to have been threatening enough to justify a political hit while he was one of the prominent faces of the movement. There were others. Who outshined him in both notoriety and controversy? Why were they permitted to live when a Costa had to be killed instead? We think it's most likely that. Costa died in a drug related disagreement. A family friend confirmed that he was involved with traffickers and his family had plenty of reason to believe it his comment to Marco about a boat full of white snow may very well have been referring to a shipment of cocaine bound for the border town of Mexicali a coastas temper and brash personality where well-known trademarks he was combative and fearless and his drug use enhanced his sense of his own importance. It's not difficult to imagine him. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and paying for it with his life the drug dealers who killed him would have had plenty of motive and the means to hide a customer's body. Even Marco Costa believes that this is how his father died. He said the people he was involved with. We think he ended up mouthing off getting into a fight and getting killed..

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