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Coming up on Tuesday night the starting pitchers the Dodgers hyun jin review of the National League and the Astros Justin Verlander for the American League I don't take these games for granted I I I had the opportunity to go a few years in a row when I was younger and then I got hurt and missed a few years in a row and I think it made me appreciate being an all star all the more overlanders teammate George Springer will lead off for the A. L. Christian yellow to lead off the an alley is going to play this by the back issue that forced him to pull out of the home run derby NBA news ESPN is reporting that the thunder and Russell Westbrook have been talking about a possible trade with one destination being Miami of a thirty year old as for years at a hundred seventy million left on his contract meanwhile the Lakers and guard Avery bad Bradley and a two year deal worth a reported ten million on Yahoo sports says the plan is to play lebron James at the point next season well putting quarterfinal action get started in a few hours Serena Williams gonna take on Alison Riske was in her first grand slam quarterfinal after knocking out the top seed Ashley Barty in three sets in round four I am so incredibly excited and the fact that it's at Wimbledon my favorite grand slam the place that I had always dream to be in the last day club love they can't kick me out now so I'm here to stay I am just over the moon so happy and I'm looking to keep it going yeah but the run ended on Monday for fifteen year old coco god awful loss to Simona Halep in straight sets men's winners on Monday included Novak Djokovic Roger Federer Rafael Nadal and American Sam query I'm bread Heller the Thai lewd jokes never ran right of the new we do a six PM eastern three PM Pacific on CBS sports radio listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence the night that we do the show we all are looking back talking about what just happened on the court on the field on the ice on the diamond in the police blotter what happened for reviewing today normally and actually that's why I love working nights people say to me all the time don't you want to work prime time this everything has finished up we need to talk about the major storylines is the media the when we want to react after hours with Lawrence can we make our own food.

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