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Spotted one of the variance and then discovered six other very similar variants and other parts of the US All seven of similar mutations in a key protein the virus uses to infect cells. So researchers worry they may be more contagious. But researchers caution There's no reason to panic. Many mutations turn out to be meaningless. Still, everything should be done to slow the spread of the virus, like everyone wearing masks and staying away from people they don't live with, especially endures to prevent any variance from triggering another wave of infections and to prevent other variants from evolving. Rob Stein. NPR News show of Korea's intelligence officials say hackers from North Korea have tried to steal information about Corona virus vaccines and treatments, but it's deny that it named Fizer by intact as a target. Earlier today. One lawmaker who took part in a closed door briefing with South Korea's National Intelligence Service, says he and other members of parliament were told that hackers attempted to steal five years Covad 19 vaccine. Technology Bitcoin is cross. The $50,000 threshold. For the first time price of Bitcoin had been climbing is more companies single plans to accept the digital currency. This is NPR Live from KQED News. I'm recovery. A. Dylan, The city of Alameda is Police department has identified a 33 year old man as the person who threatened peaceful protesters. During a march on Martin Luther King Day. Alameda resident Jonathan G. Admitted to investigators that he was the person seen on video yelling at protesters to quote, get out of here and threatening to open fire while carrying what appeared to be a long gun. She told investigators the weapon was a replica. A search of his home turned up clothing that matched the man on the video and other evidence. Alameda Police Sergeant AB Alan Koyama says they're looking for more people who were at the march. Anyone who was specifically threatened by this gentleman. If he had a gun, and he made a comment or he pointed the weapon at them. We would love to hear from them. She has been charged with disturbing the peace and unlawful alteration of an imitation firearm. U C. Berkeley today, plans to loosen some of its residents hall restrictions put in place to fight what was an uptick in covert 19 cases. Earlier this month, campus officials told students they couldn't leave their rooms even for solo outdoor exercise. Daily Cal reports that students who have not been asked by campus health workers to quarantine her isolate, are now allowed to leave their rooms if their social distancing and wearing masks. University officials say there's no news spread of the virus and campus residence halls, but it's still widespread in off campus student groups and could easily return to the dorms. In sports. The Warriors beat the Cavs won 29 to 98. The Sharks beat the Ducks. 3 to 2. The Stanford women's basketball team beat Oregon 63 to 61. I'm Raquel Maria Dylan KQED news. Support for NPR comes from Morgan Stanley, presenting thoughts on the market their podcast with analysis and perspective, supported by a global team of researchers. Three minutes and episode five times a week. Users concert for thoughts on the market and the listeners and members of KQED. The National Weather Service says dry conditions now through midweek, with temperatures in their seasonal averages. There's a week frontal system, bringing some rain chances back to Northern California Thursday afternoon into Friday. Yet widespread rainfall will likely be limited to north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Try whether then returns for the upcoming weekend Bay Area heist today, mid fifties to the low sixties.

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