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Place is fast becoming a hospital and health center with five hundred beds ready to go WGN TV's Judy **** reports from hall see where the auto shows usually held the staff will treat patients with mild to moderate cases of covered nineteen that is in the of that hospitals become overwhelmed and run out of beds the transformation is thanks to the army corps of engineers Illinois National Guard and Chicago area contractors among the covert nineteen testing sites in and around Chicago is the former vehicle emissions testing center in the Dunning neighborhood on the northwest side as WGN TV's Marcella Raymond reports the site on forest preserve drive near Harlem has expanded its services any first responders doctors and nurses in those over sixty five can be tested without showing symptoms but those over eighteen and do you have symptoms meaning you have a fever cough and tightening in the chest you can come here the site will give out five hundred covert nineteen Tess Daly dozens of detainees have been bailed out of the cook county jail more planned for today WGN's James Sears a national nonprofit the bail project posted bail for dozens of detainees yesterday from the cook county jail in response to the corona virus threats they were being held in the tension because they couldn't afford bail set by a judge so Venice said anywhere from a week to two years between five hundred to one thousand more targeted for release over the next couple weeks James Sears WGN news swift reactions coming into president trump's decision to fire the inspector general of the intelligence community A. B. C.'s mark Roesler reports senator mark Warner the top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee said it was unconscionable for trump to a fire Michael Atkinson in the midst of the corona virus pandemic while house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff said the president's quote dead of night decision puts our country and national security at even greater risk president trump said he no longer had confidence in Atkinson whose decision to notify Congress of a complaint about a possible pressure campaign in Ukraine lead to trump's impeachment Markram alarm ABC news a Chicago hospital and its nurses union have agreed on hazard pay for nurses working during the Copa nineteen pandemic the university of Illinois hospital and the Illinois nurses association announced the agreement yesterday the extra pay ranges from five dollars an hour to fifteen dollars an hour for registered nurses and three fifty an hour to nine dollars an hour for licensed practical nurses depending on assignment nurses on salary also get increases it'll remain in place until either the Illinois state home orders lifted or the hospital suspends its internal emergency operations in WGN sports Dayton forward OB Toppin's been awarded the Naismith trophy as college basketball's most outstanding player he was named the winner yesterday ahead of what would have been the NCAA tournament's final four weekend right now forty three degrees at o'hare and I'm Bob Kessler on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN the way we're all going about doing things these days has changed but one thing that hasn't is Los commitment to our customers during this very important time we're here and ready to help with the supplies you need for critical home repairs and products to help keep your home safe.

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