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Articles on behind Steel Curtain Dot Com you notice that yesterday we talked about a second punter on the roster who is still on the roster. And it really shouldn't matter. We shouldn't really care too much about about that kind of spot but because Jordan Berry struggles the last couple of years I think the punter portion is one that we need to keep an eye over on. and. You know what corless wait weightman is still on this team which after having before to make ten cuts. In the steelers taking a punter instead of keeping one of these skill guys that they had to move on from speaks volumes to me and I think when you look down to it. I think the writing could be on the wall for one Jordan Berry one set to those Kobe cuts. Kinda. Came down through the pipeline I made some predictions on I said Weightman. Was the first time that. Kim. Mind that. Would be caught. But Tom he wasn't. So. What it really screams to me is I think the steelers have. Finally recognized. The consistency of join Barry's punts have have kind of fallen off the cliff from his early years with the team and keeping a guy like corals weightman who a year ago only just a shade over forty one punt. A punt average. In terms of yardage Jordan Barry. Last year was just over forty five yards upon. When it comes to Wakeman's twenty eighteen. However, he was flirting with NFL average ish numbers which a for another factor to me is. Why are you keeping to punters on this roster? I feel like the organization could probably figure out WHO's better punting. Super Super quickly here in training camp, and after after a couple of weeks in I think they could absolutely kind of move on from one of the two guys just based on who is who's able to kick it further and have a little more precision and you know what the pressure is on because these guys are competing for their NFL careers. And you know what? If the do go in a different direction at punter I think I think steelers fans would welcome it just because some of the frustration share at one Mr Jordan Berry kind of Putin the ball a little bit. Not, it wasn't as bad as it was in two, thousand, eighteen I will give him credit, but the punts did seem to trail off as the year went by. But when it comes to punter you, it really shouldn't be one we should be talking about but. It is one that the steelers are going to have to deal with if Joran Berry can't get that consistency under control I wouldn't be too concerned if they move on from Jordan Berry before we got continual on guys, I forgot to mention off the top of the. We Still Got Our Jersey contest going the second I log off here if you haven't already jumped in on that. I'M GONNA be drawn a winner and then tomorrow at noon eastern time. That is, of course out here in the west coast, it'll be a little bit earlier for me will be proud to announce the winner of the Science Juju Smith Schuster Jersey survey having already make sure to click over and make sure you're re tweeting on twitter commenting on instagram and sharing on facebook. We're excited. Give that away and that continue a partnership with the total sports enterprises in before we move onto our next topic here today. I I of want to recap a little bit too about some these position battles especially especially when it comes to to our quarterback spots, it's going to be It's going to be super interesting to see how this ends up. Because what happened with Ben's elbow a year ago I don't think the steelers want to be caught with their pants down again and they're going to do their due due diligence. Make that when it comes to finding these guys, we don't have any preseason games to rely on here and that's that's going to really affect a lot of these guys in Kinda, sways depend Jhelum, for these battles to guys that have a little bit more experience now the steelers are probably GonNa have to gamble. When it comes to this quarterbacks spot if they are going to go with the Paxton Lynch or if they're going to go with the window small at running back. If. You're going to go with guys that haven't played a snap for the organization yet You're probably just betting on the guys that you already have You're probably a little frustrated of them from a season ago and you're just ready to move on and if that's the case, then then that's totally fine. But you know what there's there's probably going to be a mistake made here and there just because how can you find your best fifty three if you don't play any preseason game to it is a bit of an issue that I think a lot of teams that are going to. Be Looking at when it comes to the season and I wouldn't be surprised if you see a lot more player movement in the early weeks of the regular season than we typically do. Just. Because teams don't really know what they have in some of those undrafted guys of courses steals just cut on borders. In favor of keeping around some under after guys Umbrian borders. Of course, a had a pit stop in the XFL. Own Essays he played for the raiders he moved around a little bit and it's really kind of It's really kind of interesting What what what day will do with those names because safe at Trajan bandy comes in. And he struggles in week one, two and three. All right. This drafted guy we cut him were not losing any money off anyway and we can. We can just pick up one of those guys who already dropped off. So I think we're GONNA see a lot of that this year and that's not something we typically do see but it wouldn't surprise me. Some other position battles worth noting I would say this year is the curious case a Mr Curtis Riley, the safety slash corner. He kinda tip the scales for this team He's not necessarily competing with one person but if he can prove to play both spots, the steelers might be more likely to keep him along because of course, he has experience at corner and at safety and he is someone that could allow the team to keep a body at a different position. If you do have a guy that can do both and play on specials another spot can worth noting is that inside linebacker three? Ulysses Gilbert I would. I would tell you is the far and away favourite for that spot. And then behind that, it's it's a little sparks who's going to be playing linebacker. But guys like Robert splaine of course was a beast in special teams. And he isn't going anywhere. So if the steelers do decide to go with four inside linebackers, you're really only going to get one guy that can play that kind of depth spot inside which will be a little interesting to steal the steelers play it. They have a plethora of outside linebackers. His I make the more likely to move at T..

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